18 July 2014
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Digg Up Whats Trending Right Now

Want to know Whats Trending Right Now? Read on to discover  new service developed by Digg, forever popular but sometimes forgotten about!

I’m not a big user of Twitter apart from auto posting, but this could open up some potential new avenues even if you want to but have not yet really used Twitter, as its based on who you follow rather than those following you.

Its another way to find trending topics.

It’s a service delivered by Digg, its an old service which has been totally revamped and relaunch today.


What You Get 

Once you log in, Digg’s supercomputers will comb through your Twitter timeline to isolate the links your friends are discussing the most. (Digg will be adding other social sources soon.) You can see the results, in real time, three ways:

    • A scrolling list on the Digg homepage
    • Real-time email alerts, or
    • Mobile notifications from our iOS app
How It Works

The magic ingredient is the way Digg analyze your Twitter feed to determine the right threshold for your alerts. For example, one component of the algorithm measures the activity around every link in your feed. If you follow tons of accounts that are linking to many hundreds of stories a day, you might get an alert when 5 friends share the same link. But if you follow only a handful of accounts, you might get an alert when just 2 friends share that link.

Getting Off The Ground 

Digg  are starting with invitations to their faithful, longtime News.me subscribers. Once Digg feel like things are stable and they’ve worked out the bugs (the ones that aren’t features, of course), Digg  will lift the gate and let everyone in.

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