23 June 2014
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Free T-Shirt Templates

If you are building a business focused on selling custom printed t-shirts these free t-shirt templates will help to make your stores and marketing campaigns look really professional.

Each resource is available as a PSD so you will need Photo Shop … but some include a background images you can use if you are not a Photo Shop shop user.

These are all  free t-shirt templates apart from one or two examples so I have indicated with the entry if a payment is required or if an account is needed in order to download.

Once you are on the download page the download button may not be that obvious, I guess this is there way of monetizing their  free t-shirt templates service so that you may click on a  Google ad for example …  so once on the page look carefully, the download button or link does exist.

Oh … and to reach the  free t-shirt templates download page please click on the images below and each will open in a new window.

T-Shirt MockUp 

This realistic PSD mock-up allows you to showcase your t-shirt designs with ease. Just drag and drop your design using the smart layer, then pick your own t-shirt color and finally adjust the contrast intensity to fit your needs. Don’t forget to check out the full size preview!


T-Shirt Mockup Template for Free! 

Having a Mockup of your design is HUGE when it comes to getting it to look just like you imagined it would. A lot of the time we get mockups from people that are Cartoon looking, and are way out of proportion. By downloading this template, you will have a more accurate image of what your finished product will look like. This mockup also gives you wrinkle shadows as if the design is already printed. A good mockup goes a long way!

Free T-Shirt Templates

Psd Tshirt Mockup Template Vol2 

NOTE: this download requires either account setup or payment. Our new psd T-shirt mockup is a versatile classic tee-shirt mockup template with interesting creases and depth to showcase your next t-shirt design. It comes in both front and back view with editable shadows strength and t-shirt color. Use the smart layer to easily drag and drop any design and display all the details with the high DPI.

Free T-Shirt Templates

Women’s Scoop Tee 

Form fitting and good looking. The Scoop tee template is available now! Customise your colours | shadows, highlights


Tshirt Mockup Template Psd 

NOTE: this download requires free account setup. Our t shirt mockup is ideal to present any design on a shirt mockup with your color of choice. We have drawn from scratch a high quality vector shape tshirt mockup and the model wearing it. This is volume one of a collection of t-shirts templates.


T-Shirt Mockup

With this high resolution t-shirt mockup you will be able to create realistic, branded t-shirts in seconds. Just add your logo and all folds will be applied automatically. Color can be changed easily as well.


Fashion Button V-Neck PSD 

Topshop got nothin’ on your next design with this template! Custom Colours | Realistic finish | Customisable Label for extra realisticalism!


Gildan Style Tee Template PSD 

The most popular plain tee makes an appearance for you to design onto! See just what it would look like on a basic GILDAN tee. Custom Colours | Realistic finish | Front & Back.


Long Sleeved Tee PSD 

A nice long sleeved tee template… it’s cotton too! Customise your colours | shadows, highlights.


Hoodie Template – no zipper 


Male T-shirt template 


Varsity Letterman 



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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for this, they’re definitely realistic and look great. I will be downloading and using them.

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