10 June 2014
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T-Shirt Landing Page Plugin

The stores are great for general marketing but when you want to zone in on a product or group of products sometimes you need a dedicated T-Shirt Landing Page Plugin before taking the buyer to the shopping cart or designer.

I have been testing a new WP plugin which does the job.

If you check instructions below I show how to utilise with your white label stores, but in general these landing pages can be used for absolutely any product as you are simply linking from the landing page to the site/store where the product can be designed or purchased.

You could link from the landing pages to …

    • Amazon (using affiliate link)
    • eBay
    • Any other shopping portal
    • Teespring

And its not limited to the above it should fit well with any shopping cart or portal selling any type of product.

Here are the benefits I see for this landing page plugin

    • Mobile responsive
    • Inbuilt countdown timer
    • Works for any product
    • Easy to setup and manage
    • Create unlimited pages
    • Color palette for page background
    • Easy to add multiple products and then add to different landing pages
    • Works with your existing theme (don’t need fresh install)

Here are the negatives I see for this landing page plugin

    • No footer
    • No precise background color by color code
    • No font options
    • No font size options

I must admit that with a little bit of extra work the developer could have included some additional functionality such as the above with very little effort, but it has to be said this is a low cost plugin and it will do the job quite adequately.

Using With White Label Stores

Firstly, the plugin is pretty easy to use but for general help with using the plugin there is a help tutorial installed within the plugin. The following will show how to locate the product images from your white label stores.


Step #4:  ‘Right Click’ to view options and then choose ‘Copy Image URL’ (this was done using chrome)


Here are the important links mentioned earlier:

  • My preferred choice of plugin can be found here
  • The FB Lander plugin can be found here
  • The Tee Contest plugin can be found here

Terry Johnson

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