5 June 2014
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Landing Page Plugins …

NOTE: You must have a word press installation to use these products.

I have been testing the functionality of three landing page plugins, primary for the sale of custom printed t-shirts etc.; a couple have already been discussed within the DIP Facebook group, namely FB Lander & TeeContest plugin.

It’s all down to personal choice and what functionality you want, but having spent more than a day testing these I have to say that my preferred option is something completely different.

I’ve been testing another plugin which I’ve had for several months now, it was not built as or intended as a t-shirt come TeeSpring tool at all but once you have set up your first template with:

    • Background video or background colour
    • Content area background video or background colour
    • Autoresponder
    • Header image or header text
    • Footer
    • Call to action buttons

Etc. etc. etc. all you are then doing is using the standard WP page duplication option and changing images and links.

This plugin has far, far more functionality and options by a long shot. Because on the whole it uses standard WP functionality you can do so much more with it.

This is my mock up to give you an idea view and if you want to review the plugin it can be found here.

But please also check out the FB Lander & TeeContest plugins just so that you can make an informed decision.

Here are the important links mentioned earlier:

  • My preferred choice of plugin can be found here
  • The FB Lander plugin can be found here
  • The Tee Contest plugin can be found here

Terry Johnson

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