25 June 2014
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Age T-Shirt Designs

Age T-Shirt Designs sell better when you leverage the power of emotion! There’s no better way to make people get their credit cards out than tugging on those heart strings to draw out those emotions. Just look at the Disney Corporation … one of the biggest in the world built on people’s emotion! Our Vintage […]

23 June 2014
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Free T-Shirt Templates

If you are building a business focused on selling custom printed t-shirts these free t-shirt templates will help to make your stores and marketing campaigns look really professional. Each resource is available as a PSD so you will need Photo Shop … but some include a background images you can use if you are not […]

16 June 2014
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Getting Started With Google Plus

I’ve been following ‘Plus Your Business‘ for some time now, they are a great resource for every Google Plus … they certainly know their business. Below you will find their 15 minute Google Plus ‘Complete Guide To Google Pages’, a great watch if you are new to Google Plus. If you run a business then […]

11 June 2014
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It’s a Name Thing Campaigns Are Back!

If you didn’t make your fortune with the well publicised It’s a Name Thing t-shirt campaigns over the last 12 months, perhaps now is your chance! It’s a Name Thing Campaigns Are Back! Had a nice break through yesterday, the ‘allow personalization’ feature within the online designer effectively means you could start copying the very successful […]

10 June 2014
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T-Shirt Landing Page Plugin

The stores are great for general marketing but when you want to zone in on a product or group of products sometimes you need a dedicated T-Shirt Landing Page Plugin before taking the buyer to the shopping cart or designer. I have been testing a new WP plugin which does the job. If you check […]

5 June 2014
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Landing Page Plugins …

NOTE: You must have a word press installation to use these products. I have been testing the functionality of three landing page plugins, primary for the sale of custom printed t-shirts etc.; a couple have already been discussed within the DIP Facebook group, namely FB Lander & TeeContest plugin. It’s all down to personal choice and what functionality you want, […]

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