9 April 2014
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Animated CTA Buttons

Here’s a great way to add some unique animated CTA buttons to your WordPress websites.

This is a WordPress plugin which makes it really easy to add animated buttons which I can guarantee you will not have experienced any where before.

Check the example animated buttons below … to download the plugin click on any of the example buttons.

NOTE: If you have a BZ9 PRO account these animated buttons  can be created from within the BZ9 WordPress hosted sites as the plugin is already installed, ready and waiting to create your own totally unique animated CTA buttons .

Animated CTA Buttons

Example Buttons :: Hover Over Each Button To See The Animation  

 Animated CTA Buttons





Book Table Here!Go To Reservations



Following are the simple step by step instructions to creating these fantastic animated CTA buttons …

How To Use The Plugin 
    • Edit or Add new post/page
    • In the WordPress text editor click the red bar button in the toolbar
    • Use live preview to verify your button works as you wish and then hit Add To Page button
    •  Save your post/page changes and your button should be working now.
Activate From WordPress Editor Toolbar

Animated CTA Buttons

Choose From Many Flexible Options 

Animated CTA Buttons

Pick From 369 Cool Icons! 

Animated CTA Buttons

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