28 January 2014
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How To Get More From Google Plus …

Would you like to Get More From Google Plus? More conversion, more engagement, more anything?

You may have noticed that my focus has shifted some what from Facebook to Google Plus over the last few months.

And its for good reason … lets face it, none of us are in this for the love of it, we work the social networks as a business and as such we need to see results.

And its exactly that … RESULTS … which has prompted me to write so that my findings can also help you improve your marketing results, not just your G+ marketing results.

In fact … I have even highlighted the massive marketing differential Google+ is having over Facebook within one of my blog posts. I even ran an experiment.

In reality what I am about to show you can be used for ANY social network, in fact ANY where you conduct any form of marketing!

Because when you break it all down, apart from more advanced techniques your activities should really fall into 3 very precise categories.

3 very precise categories: 
    • Set Up & Management :: too many people over look the basics and miss the valuable, simple, short steps to take when setting up on Google+ … check this blog post for a neat and concise process to ensure nothing is missed out
    • Content :: one of the biggest problems for a lot of social networkers … but it doesn’t have to be. Check this blog post for some key ideas on where to curate your highly targeted social content
    • Track Results :: It has been said that tracking your results is more important than delivering quality content. And I would have to agree, after all, how do you know its quality content if you aren’t tracking the results? Comments and shares are good for an ‘at a glance’ indicator, but what EXACTLY are your readers doing once they have read your post or clicked your links?

Are they turning into subscribers or buyers?

Check this blog post to see how BZ9 can help track your results, and then take it another step further by tracking your conversions.

After all, without conversions … what’s the point! 

For a comprehensive strategy to leverage Google+ you are welcome to download our Google Plus training course which has now been updated with links to several new resources.

Terry Johnson

P.S. Don’t forget to add your Google+ badge to your website and blog … you can grab your personalised code from Google+ Developers.


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