27 January 2014
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Maximizing Potential For Your Google Plus Marketing

Having been a relative late comer to the Google Plus party I have to say … better late than never!

However, within this short time period, my Google Plus Marketing is proving to be so much more productive than what is being achieved over on Facebook right now.

In fact its been like this for some time.

It’s no secret that Facebook are limiting the organic reach of posts so no surprise there but with far less followers on Google Plus the interaction and engagement is quite phenomenal … and we are only just getting started.

Check the plus ones on my Google Plus page … Check the engagement and comments, then compare the same over on our Facebook page … the difference is worlds apart.

In fact why not compare this identical post on Facebook with the very same post on Google+ – the difference is soooo obvious!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating that you give up on Facebook, not in the slightest, after all a post made on one social network is easily duplicated on another so keep posting!

But apart from the limitations set by Facebook what else is helping to make Google Plus so much more productive and engaging and how can you maximise your own Google Plus marketing?

Google Plus Profile 

Google Plus is not alone here, as with any profile on any social network, make sure its completed to your best abilities so that anyone taking a look will know what you do and how you might be able to joint venture or provide value to other businesses and individuals.

Make sure you:

    • Write your summary using information about you and your business that will mean something to those reading, make them want to contact you, take action.
    • Use an appropriate and professional profile image
    • Use keywords within your about me and both long and short descriptions

Quality Content 

This could be described as perhaps the one most important factor to making or breaking your Google Plus marketing.

In fact its the one most important factor to making or breaking any form of content marketing, so don’t let it slip when it comes to Google Plus.

Be passionate about what you write and be informative, always think twice before posting anything, you don’t want your plus ones to become minus ones!

 Make Good Use Of Your Circles

Google Plus Circles are great … they are like having an autoresponder with unlimited lists, so you can segment those you add and those who follow you into subject, niche or category specific circles so that when you have a post to send you don’t have to send to every one, you just send to those whom you have identified have an interest in your post.

google plus circles

This means you have the mechanism through which to precisely target your posts at the right audience for maximum engagement.

 Make Use Of Your Google Plus Badge

Add your Google+ badge to your website and blog … you can grab your personalised code from Google+ Developers.

Google Plus Hangouts

Hangouts are great for communicating and keeping in touch. Plus of course every recording can be live on YouTube ready to further promote your brand or business. Check out what Google has to say about Google+ Hangouts.


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