26 January 2014
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Resources For Social Content Curation

Are you finding the curation of your own Social Content a bit of a chore?

Read on to see if we can help lighten the load as you search for the best social content for your own niche.

Did you know that Guy Kawasaki, one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984, is also one of the most influential people in marketing with over 1.4 million Twitter followers, who tweets 50 times per day on average?

But how does he create so much content? Well the answer is that he doesn’t so much create content but curates the content from several resources.

Having checked a SlideShare by hubspot I learned of the top 8 resources he uses to curate his content so that he can churn out his social posts and build his followers.

I have listed below these top 8 resources for curating your own social content.

I am sure you will already be familiar with some of these resources for social content but before you skip through them too quickly take a minute to double check as some of these social content resources also have hidden or not so obvious sections within their directories to obtain this valuable social content.

Here we go … to visit each resource click the relevant image.


Feedly … great social content just like a one stop shop for everything which goes on within your niche, industry or market.



Great social content resource for very popular quotes …



Great social content resource for popular news all in one place …



Great social content resource for popular images and info graphics …



Great social content resource for checking what is popular on the world’s 2nd largest social network …




Great social content resource for following Channels to get articles from both Influencers and top news sources. …



Great social content resource for stumbling upon great social and trending content. …



Great social content resource doing exactly what it was intended for … use the ‘trends’ panel, bottom left of the page.





7 responses on “Resources For Social Content Curation

  1. Tom George says:

    Thanks for putting together these eight resources for social curation. I can add Prismatic as a great tool. Also some food for thought is, what is the difference between content discovery sites and apps, and true curation platforms? I would say the main difference is the ability to add some commentary to your curated posts. This is why blogs can also be a very powerful tool for curation if done properly.

  2. bill says:

    Another up and comer is http://rebelmouse.com A terrific platform for building curated content.

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