16 January 2014
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Marketing Idea …

As you know my new years resolution is to establish a new marketing channel via SlideShare. This has now turned out to be a great marketing idea, allow me to explain …

It’s been a tremendous success as I already have the first weeks results showing over 3000 views, so very promising going forward for 2014.

The additional benefit of this is that uploads to SlideShare can also be uploaded to multiple document and presentation sites so this is now expanding my reach and ability to drive more traffic. More on this in about a weeks time once I have narrowed down the best sites to use.

Now that I am seeing very positive results I am also exploring further ways to get these short documents and PDFs in to more hands.

So what else can we do with these documents? 

Right now I am turning them into videos, however, whilst this may sound a bit daunting I can assure you it most certainly is not. If you want to see how I am turning blog posts into videos please check this post.

This video angle is quite exciting as this brings a whole new dimension and allows me to really get the most out of these short documents … as I can auto post my videos to over 30 different video sharing sites.

Currently, my own personal process is to: 
    • Create a blog post
    • Turn the blog post into a PDF using Open Office, Word or PowerPoint
    • Share the PDF to relevant sites such as SlideShare
    • Turn the same blog post into a video
    • Share this video to over 30 video sharing sites
Are you now seeing the picture? 

Nice short blog posts, even articles can now appear on up to 50 different sites in the form of PDFs and videos.

And perhaps the best part is that the content to get the process started is freely available.

    • Do a search for something like ‘top ten dieting tips’ (if dieting is your niche)
    • Tweak these so they become your own
    • Then create your blog post as per above and the process starts

And I bet you will already have documents and articles sat on your hard drive collecting virtual dust … dust them off, tweak if necessary and then put them to work for you.

Even if the document sharing process is not for you, I thoroughly recommend that you check out AVR, not only will you short cut your video creation but the end results are very professional … all from just uploading text content!

Terry Johnson

2 responses on “Marketing Idea …

  1. Laurence Chilcott says:

    With regard to content in my NICHE I got millions of words n content of real value, so no problems there,
    From what I’ve been reading for a while it seems that many are looking to VIDEO Marketing as a best means of a) getting FREE traffic and b) building a niche targeted list and c) converting that traffic to sales – – sounds great , my friend
    NOTE: It seems that one or two are going to GPlus and doing Hangouts which they then drop into a Facebook fan biz page?????? dont understand it myself, but ??????
    Regards, Laurence

    • BZ9.com says:

      Use that content to your advantage Laurence, but don’t jump ahead of yourself, you should post a link to your work on Facebook and G+ but don’t worry about hangouts just yet that will just confuse the process at this stage.

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