5 January 2014
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Is SlideShare Traffic ‘Quality Traffic’?

Something happened recently which made me revisit a site I last used many years ago … I’m glad I did!

The site is called ‘SlideShare‘ and although it may not have changed its look and feel that much over the years a few things have definitely improved which has prompted me to create this blog post as SlideShare should definitely form part of your online marketing strategy!

I thoroughly recommend you take a look at SlideShare … in my opinion the quickest way to describe the SlideShare opportunity is to liken it to video marketing … BUT without the technical barriers … and without having to create time consuming videos!

If you can write short, readable, engaging content typically 160 to 200 characters you qualify to tap into the SlideShare traffic potential.

After all … if you have posted on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter for example (who hasn’t)  then you’re already sort of over qualified.

Because … all you are doing is creating multiple sets of short, readable, engaging content adding to a PowerPoint, Word doc or Open Office equivalent to create a short (or long) presentation and then upload to SlideShare … it really is that simple … but the content MUST be quality and MUST be be worth reading.

And to further bolster the credibility of SlideShare …
    • ‘LinkedIn’ bought SlideShare for more than 100 million dollars in 2012 …
    • SlideShare has a traffic rank of 123 right now on Alexa, so has the potential to deliver volume targeted traffic
    • The content can cover virtually any niche, subject or topic …
So What Is SlideShare? 

SlideShare is a social media site where you can upload, tag and share your presentations and documents with the world. SlideShare is free, with premium subscription options that have benefits not available to free members such as the ability to upload more presentations, videos, remove SlideShare branding and ads and also capture leads.

You can take  a peak at our first SlideShare entry … please follow us and leave a comment, we will gladly support your SlideShares …

Why Use SlideShare? 

I’ll let SlideShare take over, here is the official SlideShare presentation … oh, and by the way as you can see, SlideShare can also be shared and embed onto websites and blogs.

How Does SlideShare Create Traffic For YOU?

Apart from the obvious marketing opportunities by uploading your own presentations … there are also SEO benefits via links included within the presentations … and of course rock solid social media marketing directly on or within the SlideShare platform which might include activities such as:

    • Check to see who has “favorited” and/or “embedded” your slides
    • Visit their profile and view their slides
    • Send a personal message asking to connect
    • Search keywords for your topics of interest. Once you do this, repeat steps 2 and 3
    • Share your slides on LinkedIn and Facebook
    • Post thoughtful comments and offer feedback on presentations
    • Share presentations with others and be sure to let the creator of the slide know about it
    • Embed slides (yours and others) in blogposts and on your website
    • Consider sharing more than just slides
Grab Even More SlideShare Traffic

In addition to the above you can also take centre stage via the SlideShare home page by being chosen as a ‘featured’ presentation or one of the daily top ‘SlideShares‘.

Tips For Getting Featured on the SlideShare Homepage  
    • Have a Powerful Headline: A clear, succinct headline that is both intriguing and gets your message across is critical for top promotion
    • Create an Enticing Cover Page: This is equally important, as it, along with the headline, is the first thing people see. Keep it simple, yet visual — while clearly conveying what the presentation is about
    • Be Well-Designed and Informative: SlideShare look for presentations that are visual but also insightful and have a strong storyline. The design of a presentation is just as important as the content within it — and it must flow together to keep a viewer interested, informed and engaged
    • Tackle a Hot Topic: SlideShare feature lots of great SlideShare content that is evergreen and can be relevant for years. But SlideShare especially like presentations that are relevant to the latest news, trends and buzz topics
    Think SlideShare could help boost your traffic flow? 
    Well it doesn’t take a genius to establish the available potential, but you need to get certain things right, such as a nice template and make sure you adhere to certain do’s and don’ts to avoid running into problems with SlideShare.
    If you want help with templates and getting started advice I am happy to help out but I need to know if its something you want me to produce more information and advice for.
    If you have enjoyed this review please leave a comment so that I know. If you want more help with using the SlideShare platform also let me know, such as templates, do’s and don’t etc.
    Terry Johnson

    9 responses on “Is SlideShare Traffic ‘Quality Traffic’?

    1. Laurence Chilcott says:

      Hi Terry,
      Although I have a FREE LinkedIn account and have seen odd notices about SlideShare(and even used it sometime,somewhere??) I am interested in being able to use it, so please tell me how we get to use it,presumably with our BZ9 account-thank you
      PS All the very best in health and wealth for 2014
      Laurence Chilcott

      • BZ9.com says:

        Hi Laurence, so far I have not tapped into the potential here with LinkedIn, but as you have mentioned thios just adds another diemnsion to this and because you can synchronise both accounts its an obvious step.

        I know you are in the health niche, now given there must be some very interesting facts relating to your niche it should be an easy one to create lost of content for.

        Assuming the content is readily available you are then just adding this along with suitable images to a word document or powerpoint and then converting/saving as a PDF ready to be uploaded to SlideShare.

        Currently we don’t have anything set up with BZ9 as this was the first step … to gauge the interest .. so thanks once again for your valued and ongoing input, it really is appreciated.


    2. Roger says:

      Very interesting

      Your presentation looks great, but I wouldn’t have the first clue on how how to produce the quality images you have put up there, I would have no problem with copy. Personally, I would love to know how to put all this together.


      • BZ9.com says:

        Hi Roger, thanks for your input, will see what we can put together, as for the images, for that first we did buy a few, costs would be less than $5, but ongoing will be looking to secure images for zero cost. After that its just a matter of adding to a document with your copy, saving as a PDf and then uploading to SlideShare and other suitable sites.

    3. Laurence Chilcott says:

      Looking really GREAT, mate, but dont quite understand the purchase setup……and wont be able buy in until Jan 31st with next pension,OK?

      • BZ9.com says:

        Hi Laurence, you can go ahead and use slideshare for free, in fact I would recommend you use it for free any way until you see it working for you.

    4. Stefanie says:

      What’s up, I read your blog on a regular basis and love the content and accuracy of your advice and instructions, thanks so much.

    5. Bev says:

      Just found your site. Thanks for all this info. I don’t have a website yet as don’t know how to set up and do I use the slideshow on the website. On limited income (pension) so any ideas on most cost effective way of starting my small business which will be selling craft kits and small craft pattern books
      Thank you

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