6 December 2013
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Video Jacker Word Press Plugin …

The Video Jacker Word Press plugin manages and controls the videos on your WordPress pages and posts for YouTube, ScreenCast and ViewBix.

The Video Jacker Word Press plugin is increddibaly easy to use and will fix the problem associated with screencast embed codes where the word press html editor removes or duplicates screen cast embed codes.

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Simply add the relevant video embed code and Video Jacker gives you a nice convenient short code to use within your pages and posts to avoid code conflicts with the WP HTML editors.

Once installed you will also find access to the up and coming ViewBix video platform which allows you to convert YouTube, Vimeo & MP4 Videos in to amazing video players by adding a portfolio of applications, skins and call to actions … right within and on the videos.

With Video Jacker & ViewBix you can take any MP4, YouTube or Vimeo video and then add:

    • Over 26 different applications
    • Images, colours and skins
    • Call to action buttons
    • Click-able logos
    • Post roll call to actions
    • Bottom logo with call to action
    • Email and autoresponder sign up forms
    • Social sharing buttons
    • Background images

NOTE: The use of ViewBix is free for the first 2 video players and will require a low cost upgrade to add more video players and functionality. Full details and account access are provided within the Video Jacker plugin.

What ViewBix Applications Are Included? 

You will have access to a growing portfolio of 26 plus applications ready to create more sales, build email lists and improve client interaction … please review the following available applications .

    • “Call To Action Buttons” – Add buy now buttons and clickable images and graphics within your videos allowing you to generate sales and links to external pages.
    • “GetResponse…” – Build your mailing list with the click of a button while viewers are engaged with your video.
    • “Mad Mimi…” – Mad Mimi is the easiest way to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. Mad Mimi is for people who want email marketing to be simple.
    • “ActiveCampaign…” – Engage your contacts at a personal level with beautiful email campaigns.
    • “Constant Contact…” – Collect name and email address and allow viewers to sign up for your newsletters directly in your video player.
    • “Aweber…” – Have your viewers sign up to emails lists and newsletters directly from your video player.
    • “Additional YouTube video(s)…” – Direct your viewers to your Youtube playlist and share multiple videos.
    • “eBay…” – List eBay sales and auctions. End time and current price will update on the fly. (not available for free accounts)
    • “Twitter Feed…” – Let viewers see what you’re saying on Twitter without leaving the video.
    • “Skype…” – Concerned that viewers might need more info? No problem, have them Skype you right from the Video! (not available for free accounts)
    • “flickr…” – Copy in your flickr RSS stream and we will display it in our photo viewer.
    • “Picasa…” – Copy in your Picasa RSS stream and we will display it in our photo viewer.
    • “RSS Feeds…” – Constantly update your video with live RSS feeds which support, resizable images and links.
    • “Google Maps…” – Promoting an event? Let people see where it is, simply by adding the address.
    • “Mail Chimp…” – Allow user to sign up for your newsletter and read past campaigns.
    • “Yahoo Weather…” – Show your viewers the current weather in any location you choose.
    • “iContact …” – Allow users to sign up for your newsletters or mailing lists directly from the Vdeo. (not available for free accounts)
    • “More Info! …” – Add details of your product or service (can’t think of something to write? We will pull it from your YouTube or Vimeo description).
    • “Upload Photos …” – Upload photos right from your computer (not available for free accounts)
    • “Facebook Photos…” – Import pictures that have already been uploaded to your Facebook account.
    • “Bullet Pointed, Hyperlinked Lists …” – Want to share more than one product or service and add a call to action ? Create a custom list with hyperlinks, descriptions and photo for each item. (not available for free accounts)
    • “QR Codes …” – Have users sign up for a mailing list, buy tickets to an event or get a discount with one action – all by inserting a QR Code. (not available for free accounts)
    • “Coupons …” – Allow customers to print a coupon right through the player. (not available for free accounts)
    • “Slideshare…” – Embed a Slideshare slideshow directly in your video. (not available for free accounts)
    • “Music…” – Upload any mp3 or create a list of tracks from an album and play them right in the video. (not available for free accounts)
    • “Scribd …” – Distribute any documentation you want your viewers to have right from the player itself (Scribd support Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Acrobat files). (not available for free accounts)
    • “Stock quotes…” – Provide your company stock quote within the video window (Powered by Yahoo Stock Quotes).

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    4 responses on “Video Jacker Word Press Plugin …

    1. Laurence Chilcott says:

      Hello Terry,
      Terry I find this a mite too techie for me as I dont understand
      the significance of Viewbix and its interaction with WordPress .org even
      altho I suspect it represents some great advantages- HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
      Laurence Chilcott

      • BZ9.com says:

        Hi Laurence, really sorry this comment was not replied to sooner, I believe we have discussed this now by email so if you still need some help please get in touch.


    2. Leah says:

      I don’t think most people realize the value ViewBix adds to video marketing in general. The cost for ViewBix is not cheap at $359.99 /month for 25 Players and 250k Impressions. Yes, that is per MONTH unless you pay annually, then it’s $299.99/month x 12 = $ ALOT

      No wonder your retention rate is so high – Viewbix alone is more than worth the monthly cost.


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