6 December 2013
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Conversion Tracking …

Conversion tracking is now available via BZ9 short links.

If you don’t know what conversion tracking is … here is a brief overview.

Conversion Tracking Overview 

Conversion tracking allows you to track certain conversions or actions such as clicks, subscriptions, optins and sales and attribute them to specific links or clicks.

For example … you may have a link which has been placed on Facebook, Google+, your blog and also within an email sent to your newsletter readers. This link points to a sales page.

When the sales start flowing conversion tracking will tell you where the sales have come from, whether they have been created by traffic from Google+, Facebook, your blog or from the email you sent out.

Why is this important? … above all conversion tracking allows you to focus on what is working the best and optimize those which aren’t performing. In my example above, without conversion tracking you won’t know where your sales are coming from, so you may end up making changes to the one source which is generating your sales … which will ultimately damage sales volume rather than improve sales volume!

Conversion tracking will also enable you to stop marketing via traffic sources which produce zero or very little sales … especially important if you are paying for your traffic!

Marketing TIP

SPLIT TESTING :: use conversion tracking in conjunction with the BZ9 URL rotator for the  perfect, foolproof split testing environment. Add conversion tracking to one or more landing pages and then rotate to establish the best converting page.

So now that you know what conversion tracking is … this is how you set up conversion tracking.

Setting Up Conversion Tracking … 

First step is to go to ‘Manage Links & Tools‘ which will take you to the page depicted within the screen shot shown below.

You will notice a new ‘Conversion Tracking’ icon within the far right ‘Action’ column. When you click the conversion tracking icon it will open a new window and allow you to set up your conversion tracking pixels for the relevant short link.


Creating A Conversion Tracking Pixel… 

Within the resulting new window click on the blue ‘Setup Tracking’ button:


Within the new ‘facebox’:

    • a: enter  descriptive name
    • b: choose the type of conversion
    • c: choose to make it active or inactive
    • d: click ‘generate’ to create the tracking pixel/code
    • Once you have copied the conversion code you can use the ‘close’ button to close the facebox
    • If you have finished creating conversion tracking codes you can close this window and go back to the ‘Short Link Tools Management’ section.


Where To Add Your Conversion Tracking Code … 

If using a traditional HTML webpage place your conversion tracking code within the ‘body’ tags of your page or if using Word Press within the HTML editor (see screen shot below)

The conversion tracking code would go on the page after the conversion has taken place. For example:

    • Clicks: Put on the page being clicked through to
    • Optins: Put on the thank you page after optin
    • Sales: Put on the page after successful sale (where customer registers or downloads)


Using & Understanding The Conversion Tracking Results … 

Now go back to ‘Manage Links & Tools‘ which will take you to the page depicted within the screen shot shown below.

This time click on the ‘Stats’ icon which will open a  new window to show statistical reporting or results.


Reviewing The Statistics … 

In the new window you will now see the stats for the chosen link. You can change the stats you want to view by using the options at the top.

For the link shown in this example you will see there are 18 conversions. To zone in on these conversions and see where these came from click on the number given within the Conversions column.


Reviewing Conversion Tracking Results … 

When the page opens you can then change the type of conversion you wish to view if you are tracking more than one type and then view the results below.

In my example below the URL column shows lots of ‘other’ because this was an email campaign and so there was no URL to report.


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