5 December 2013
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Leverage The Power Of The 3 Biggest Social Networks …

I hope December is off to a good start for you, we still have at least another 2 weeks of marketing before we inevitably shut down the hatches in preparation for Xmas.

Or perhaps you are already winding down for Xmas? Either way, if you have time now or will have over Xmas I do have some resources you can bookmark or download for reviewing when you’ve had too much time off and getting bored!

I actually have 3 solid resources for you, which purely by coincidence happen to be associated with the 3 top social networks and how to leverage traffic and visitors from each.

Two of which are free resources …

One is using YouTube … and I’ll bet that unless you have your finger right on YouTube’s beating heart you will not be aware of the fact YouTube are offering free advertising opportunities, if you don’t yet tap into the potential of YouTube then now may be a good time.

The 2nd details getting setting up correctly on Google + and the 3rd on exploiting Facebook UIDs which can also be used for extracting Facebook user emails, all completely 100% legitimately of course.

For more information on each please check the links to the blog below my signature and if you are a BZ9 customer look out for an important announcement at the end of week as we are currently implementing a great new feature to BZ9 short links which will track your conversions without any expensive software or major installs on your servers.

Have a great week.

Terry Johnson

slfI’m sure you are aware that Facebook UIDs (user IDs) are potential hot property because they not only allow you to target your advertising directly at the perfect target audience but you can also use these Facebook UIDs for extracting further data such as Facebook emails for contacting targeted Facebook users directly to their Facebook message inbox … read more




Google Plus has become the second biggest Social Network; and it’s more than ready to leverage the success of your business online …Main Training Guide Would you like to position your offline or online business for a whole new level of success via the greatest “Social Layer” known as Google+? … read more





YouTube just released a brand new feature called YouTube Fan Finder, and it’s free. This looks like a great feature for those that have good content on their channels … What better way to introduce yourself than through video? Once Fan Finder finds a potential fan, it shows your channel ad to them as a skippable TrueView ad, at no cost to you. Give people a chance to get to know you and fall in love with your channel … read more




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