5 December 2013
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Your Affiliate Link Hardcoded Into This Popular Plugin …

You can now offer the SGI Word Press plugin as a free trial download with your affiliate link hardcoded into the plugin.

We’ve just completed programming changes to Social Group Infiltrator so that you can now offer a fully functioning trial version of SGI with YOUR affiliate link embedded within the plugin.

What does this mean for you? 
    • You can now offer SGI directly from your blogs, websites and social accounts as a free download
    • Build your lists by offering the free download after the visitor has opted in to YOUR autoresponder

When they upgrade your affiliate link is already hardcoded into the plugin so you are not relying on cookies to last forever

What else does this mean? 

We have also included a link within the plugin to access the support materials … but the user MUST create a BZ9 account first to gain access … and when they do their account is also hardcoded with YOUR BZ9 affiliate link so that when they upgrade at BZ9 whilst checking the support materials you also get paid monthly repeating commissions.

PLUS the affiliate tracking at BZ9 is hardcoded for life, so doesn’t matter when they upgrade … you get paid.

How has the plugin been changed? 

Its very simple, yet very effective … we have simply removed the ability to post any quicker than every 2 hours. So its fully functioning but the user cannot post any more than once every 2 hours or 12 per day, enough to get a good feel for what the plugin will do but not enough to really push home their marketing!

When they upgrade they get to AUTO post every 5 minutes so its a great incentive.

PLUS once they have taken up the first upgrade they will also have the option to take another upgrade for the PRO version, which again is tracked to YOUR affiliate link.

Example Download Page 

I have created an example download page so that you get a feel for what you can do on your websites, blogs and social media here.

What are we providing? 

If you want to exploit this opportunity you will be provided with:

    • The trial plugin hardcoded with your affiliate link
    • The sales video as an MP4 which you can upload to your video hosting service

NOTE: we are not providing landing pages and autoresponders.

What do you need to do? 

You need to request the plugin and MP4 by opening a support ticket here.

When submitting the support ticket please include:

    • Your JvZoo affiliate link (get link here)
    • Your BZ9 default affiliate link, optional (get link here)

That is all we need, we will then hard code the plugin with your links and provide a a download link for your plugin and MP4.

3 responses on “Your Affiliate Link Hardcoded Into This Popular Plugin …

  1. alex says:

    awesome. i hope you create future promo vehicles like this. makes it easier for me.


    • BZ9.com says:

      We certainly can and we also have videos you can set up on your squeeze pages and blogs for link jacker. Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback.

    • BZ9.com says:

      Hi Alex, I have sent you an email ref your request, please can you reply back when received.

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