4 November 2013
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Social Group Infiltrator Tips…

This post contains important additional Social Group Infiltrator Tips so that you can tweak your plugin for optimum performance.

This post is going to deal with technical settings rather than the over all marketing aspect of the plugin.

As we continue to develop and split test new ways to increase performance I will notify you by email so that you may revisit this post to review the updates.

We now have the following tips listed below:

    • Cron Command
    • App Names
    • Extracting Facebook UIDs
    • Posting YouTube Videos

Ok, so here we go …

Cron Command …

Within the plugin the cron command given will look as follows, with exception that the URL would be your WP URL:

wget -q http://YOUR_URL_HERE.com/wp-content/plugins/socialgroupinflitratorpro/autopost.php

This is fine, but when cron runs it needs to create a temporary file, this file is created within the root of your domain. So if you already have SGI running with the standard cron command you should be able to login via FTP and see a long list of temporary files as shown in the screen shot below: (actually there are no temp files shown because we have run the new command shown below)


So if you are a heavy user or ‘poster’ the list of temp files will grow and grow. You can manually delete these but it will be a pain and take up your valuable time.

We have therefore programmed so that you can use the following cron command, this will simply delete the temp files so that you don’t have to.

wget -q -O /dev/null http://YOUR_URL_HERE.com/wp-content/plugins/socialgroupinflitratorpro/autopost.php

As you will see it’s basically the same as the standard cron command you are just swapping:

wget -q
wget -q -O /dev/null

… Before the URL.

App Name …

Choose your app name carefully as it appears within your post. If unsure how this will appear see image below.

In my opinion you can virtually split the types of groups on Facebook into 2 different very broad categories …

    • a) Marketing, Internet Marketing & Business Opportunities (MLM, Networking)
    • b) Everything thing else …

As shown within the tutorial videos it’s suggested that you use a nice and friendly name for your app. So always use this as a general rule of thumb.

From our own testing, in general when posting to groups under the first category a) you can be a bit more liberal, use a name which is suitable and will make them want to click it, because you can link to any page you want.

Also make sure you track the click throughs as you can always change the name until you find something which maximises your exposure.

In our experience as long as you don’t show something like ‘Hootsuite’ it does not damage your marketing or incur any complaints. It will of course if you are posting to very strict groups who don’t like auto posting, so always check where you are posting.

However, groups which fall under category b) are a whole new ball game. Here you need to act smart.

I strongly suggest that in order to give the appearance that you are NOT auto posting that you give the app your own name. Hopefully you are seeing why I am suggesting this, it’s going to give your post a real personal feel.

Remember we are not dealing with technical people, we are not dealing with internet marketers, they won’t know its been auto posted.

And the best tip is to use a redirect link and point to your own personal Facebook page.

Ok so you might miss out on a bit of traffic flowing to your offers but at least you won’t get accused of spamming groups and risk ending up in Facebook jail.



Extracting Facebook UIDs …

If the UID extraction tool is not working you will need to check permissions for the output.csv.

You need to give write permissions to the output.csv file contained within the plugin installation directory on your webhost.

It would b located here:

Change the permissions for that file to ‘write permissions’ or set to 0777.

If you are unfamiliar with doing this please check with your hosting company.

Posting YouTube Videos …

Facebook won’t allow auto posted videos to play within the group, news feed etc. so when posting videos you can use the upload button to upload a video to your WP account but you should make sure you have adequate provisions for this to play on your current hosting set up.

Alternatively best option is to include a link to a YouTube video as shown below. By doing this you do not need to add an image as it will render the YouTube thumbnail.

To post a YouTube video you only have to complete the fields shown by the orange arrows in the screen shot below.



27 responses on “Social Group Infiltrator Tips…

  1. MELISSA K says:

    Well, i’m somewhat of a novice,, and i’ve tried and tried to use the fb poster the one i purchased for 9.97.. HORRIBLE. not for beginners. and Support, just keeps telling me the same things over and over .. still don’t understand how to even make it start without messages telling me to upgrade first. etc. The tutorials that this site has for fb poster are awful. they don’t help one bit. you have to have the upgraded version to even come close to understanding the videos etc. It would be nice if i could actually get some REAL help.

    • BZ9.com says:

      Hi Melissa, yes we have responded to your support requests but we don’t seem to be able to get you beyond your ref to needing to upgrade, but as advised you don’t need to upgrade, simply follow the instructions provided, you have the download and the videos (which have helped over 2000 other installs) so if you follow the instructions methodically you can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

    • tommy says:


      I had a lot of problems as well, but was lucky enough to find someone who could walk me through it. If you still need assistance feel free to reach out to me.


  2. Rubab says:

    Thanks for the tips, i m going to implement cron command tip and App name. i am bit reluctant actually using plugin, i am afraid that how to use it properly so facebook will not banned me. If i follow developer instructions than i can use only 1 post on 24 groups in a day as per my understanding. i have a video+news site where i post daily 10 to 15 new posts and all of these are latest and need to share it on time otherwise people will not read it. My question is that how to reach as many groups with out risking of spamming. because i foundd hundreds of groups and all fit my criteria . So simply if there are

    10 posts daily
    100 groups

    How to manage it ? is it possible or shall i create new facebook ids to accomplish this.

    • BZ9.com says:

      Hi Rubab, we post on the 10 minute interval setting which gives us 144 post per day per installation. As far as I am aware there are no written guidelines by Facebook, however if you have a link to where this may be quoted please post here and I will comment.

      Post Planner recently advised that their users could only post 94 messages each day, however they have a lot of users all using the same app. If you wanted to be really cautious you could use this as a guideline and send every 15 minutes which would then send 96 per day.

      • Rubab says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        One more thing i need to know. If i set 10 urls to post on 96 groups per day, will all these messages post or plugin will choose any 1 random message per posting. so will it be 96 posts or 960 posts ? per day ?

      • Rubab says:

        i just watch video again and got the answers of my question. it will be 1 post at a time so if any one select 100 groups so a same post will be appear on all 100 groups.

      • Rubab says:

        i just watch video again and got the answers of my question. it will be 1 post at a time so if any one select 100 groups so a same post will be appear on all 100 groups.

      • Rubab says:

        I set all things and wait for posting, but after few hours when i check posting history i got that error

        OAuthException: (#200) This API call requires a valid app_id.

        when i look for answer , one guy told me that i have to change my cron job from
        wget -q -O /dev/null to
        wget -qO /dev/null .
        i did this and now i m waiting to see the results. lets hope for the best.

  3. David Schroeder says:

    In the “Setting up your app and cron job (View on YouTube)” video, there is absolutely NO INFORMATION on where I have or get the ‘wordpress’ and ‘cron’. The video simply says to go there and update the pages. But where? ???? This app is useless without that information. Please clarify.
    Do I have to now buy those too?

    • BZ9.com says:

      Hi David, I do apologise for this. The information was not included as it was perceived that customers buying a WP plugin would already have Word Press. Perhaps this was an over sight.

      Word Press is free so you don’t need to purchase this and cron should be included with moist even low cost hosting packages so there should not be any further additional expense.

      Please can you open a support ticket so that we may assist you further… http://www.BZ9.com/support

  4. Rubab says:

    I manage to start posting on different groups , but the message posted on groups show very small image ? and i don’t know if there is any way to show images in big sizes ? at least thumbnail size , because the image which appears are even smaller tan regular thumbnail. help will be appreciated.

    • BZ9.com says:

      Hi Rubab, unfortunately we don’t have any control over the image once its on Facebook, FB will resize the image as you have already seen.

  5. Ty says:

    Can someone please help me. My plugin is not posting to fb. I have submitted a ticket and it appears I set everything up right but nothing is showing up in History. Any tips. Plugin is now working.

  6. Dale says:

    hi, im new to social group infiltrator and im having a few issues.. the id collector works great, but need help with the posting

  7. Hello buy this plugins and it seems interesting, only I could not install it because I do not speak English and I run out to understand the steps, could someone please help me in Spanish language?
    Can anyone tell me the instructions in Spanish.?

  8. Walter Horlex says:

    I’m new to this stuff 🙂

    Where do I have to put the Cron Command: wget -q -O /dev/null http://www.myfirsttime.us/wp-content/plugins/SGILOR/autopost.php file exactly?
    And most important what do I call this file?

    Thanks in advanced,


    • BZ9.com says:

      Hi Waletr, the cron command goes within the cron of your server, if you are not familiar with this please havea word with your hosting company who can do this for you.

  9. Prince Mahi says:

    Message is not sending to my facebook groups from my website.
    I can see my groups and also I can select my groups with message set to send. The list is sent to schedular. I can see the list in schedular and also I can select a schedule. But the main problem is after selecting a schedule finally the message is not sent to my facebook groups.

  10. Nitin Shah says:

    I set all things and wait for posting, but after few hours when i check posting history i got that error
    OAuthException: (#200) This API call requires a valid app_id.

    Any suggestion as to how to resolve this?

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