27 November 2013
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Extracting Facebook UIDs & Emails …

I’m sure you are aware that Facebook UIDs (user IDs) are potential hot property because they not only allow you to target your advertising directly at the perfect target audience but you can also use these Facebook UIDs for extracting further data such as Facebook emails for contacting targeted Facebook users directly to their Facebook […]

25 November 2013
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Yub Is An Unusual Affiliate Network

An unusual, new rewards affiliate network called Yub has been launched with $12 million in funding. Based in Mountain View, California, Yub is being promoted as the “world’s first offline affiliate network”. But Yub isn’t offline – it’s the stores that are offline. It aims to drive website visitors to bricks and mortar stores to […]

23 November 2013
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New Facebook Presenters ….

This week we have added 3 new ‘Call To Action’ Facebook presenters which are now ready to start attracting more Facebook ‘Likes’ and fans directly from your Facebook pages. These 3 new Facebook presenters are in addition to the existing 2 very successful  Facebook presenters which have been available for many months now. Demos of the […]

20 November 2013
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Free Advertising Courtesy Of YouTube Fan Finder …

YouTube just released a brand new feature called YouTube Fan Finder, and it’s free. This looks like a great feature for those that have good content on their channels … What better way to introduce yourself than through video? Once Fan Finder finds a potential fan, it shows your channel ad to them as a skippable […]

19 November 2013
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Increased Commissions …

Seldom Will You Find Such A Sought After Product With A Built In Target Audience … Facebook Groups! The inevitable has happened … Keeping this short we have done some serious split testing for sales of FB Post Manager … And the results are in. As you know we have been virtually giving this product […]

18 November 2013
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Download Google Plus Training …

Google Plus has become the second biggest Social Network; and it’s more than ready to leverage the success of your business online … Would you like to position your offline or online business for a whole new level of success via the greatest “Social Layer” known as Google+? BZ9’s Google+ Training Guide is a step-by-step Google+ […]

15 November 2013
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SERVICE UPDATE :: 15th November

I trust you have had a good week … here’s you service update for week ending 15th November … There is a link below to some important updates made to BZ9 short links plus other newsworthy items such as: Free Images :: I’ve just been alerted by Hotscripts that GraphicStock is offering a full 7 days […]

14 November 2013
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GraphicStock 7 Day Free Graphics & Images Promotion

I’ve just been alerted by Hotscripts that GraphicStock is offering a full 7 days to download any graphics and images from their stock of over 100,000 icons, backgrounds, textures, and vectors 100% free. I’m used to paying approximately $1 per download at DepositPhotos, so by doing some quick maths I can estimate that this offer […]

MORE, New Short Links Features …

We’ve added more new features BZ9 short links as follows … We’ve added two extra links to the ‘My Short Links’ section of the navigation bar. These aren’t new services or features but existing short links pages, we’ve just pulled these altogether to make them easier to access.   When you now enter your Statistics section […]

New Features Added To Short Links …

This update focuses on the BZ9 short links … and you can expect to see more updates along these lines as we update the reporting and functionality for our short links to speed up your daily work load and improve reporting so that you know exactly what is going on within your marketing. Prepare  To […]

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