How To Redirect Mobile Traffic On Facebook …

NOTE: Whilst this post focuses on Facebook, please read the entire post as I have also covered how to redirect mobile traffic when running regular affiliate promotions.

Do you know that over 71% of traffic on Facebook is using a mobile device?

I suspect you do, its not really a secret … however did you know that 100% of that mobile traffic will never see your Facebook tabs?

By the way, these are not my statistics, these have been published by Facebook.

You see … your pages or tabs on facebook have only been designed for viewing by desktop PCs, so Facebook have made the decision that anyone clicking a link to go to your tabs whilst using a mobile device will automatically be redirected to your timeline, never to your tabs or pages!

Which means they will never see your offers or have the option to optin to your newsletter, what ever it is you want your visitors to do whilst on your tabs … they simply won’t have the option to take that action.

Let me just reiterate that … If you are linking to your pages/tabs whilst on Facebook … Over 71% of that traffic will go straight to your timeline and wonder what’s going on!

So it’s important that if you are going to place a link on Facebook pointing to a page or tab on Facebook that you have a plan … Otherwise you may as well not bother posting the link in the first.

In my opinion you are better off sending your mobile traffic any where than your timeline, even if its to a desktop page with an optin form or directly to the desktop sales page.

At least by doing this your traffic is not just landing aimlessly with no call to action on your timeline.

OK, so how do we achieve this? How do we make sure that our desktop Facebook traffic goes to the facebook page or tab and that the mobile traffic goes some where else?


We have recently added a feature to get around this dilemma to BZ9 short links. We’ve added the ability to include a 2nd URL or website address for where you would like your mobile traffic to be sent.

So when you want to point to a Facebook page or tab from within Facebook for example from a timeline post or a group post make sure you use a BZ9 link so that your desktop and mobile traffic gets redirected to where you want them to go and not to where Facebook thinks they should go.

 And the same applies for traffic off Facebook … 

Have you ever wondered how much mobile traffic runs through your affiliate links and redirect links? Could it be 10%, 50% or even 80%? Is the vendors site mobile friendly? You could be converting a lot more if you could only redirect your traffic according to browser type … well now you can, use a BZ9 short link for an instant solution.

How does it work? 

This example assumes you want to link to a Facebook Tab:

    • A: When creating your BZ9 short link, add the Facebook link to field A
    • B: Add the link/website address you want mobile traffic to go to within field B

Check diagram below … It is now this simple to ensure 100% of your traffic goes where you want it to …



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