Page Blackout

This week we introduced the ability to add a ‘Page Blackout’ to BZ9 short links …

Whilst the Page Blackout idea is nothing new it really does open up the possibilities and effectiveness of our affiliate marketing campaigns, especially for when using affiliate short links.


Please read on as I have also included examples for your review.

In Fact given the interaction with other BZ9 tools this new ‘Page Blackout’ option should really set your imagination on fire.

For example what if we recorded CTA Boss presenters to appear on the page after say 15 seconds along with an optin form saying some thing like ‘I’m really glad you like the read … however, if you wish to continue reading please pop your details in the form provided’.

How cool would that be? … but I need your feedback if you agree with me … so that I know its something you want. And hey don’t take what I have said as gospel, if you have a better or different idea just let me know … comments can be left below the post. 

The Page Blackout feature offers several advantages and options for when using the BZ9 short URLs as follows:

    • To make a dropin, optin form or CTA Presenter stand out on the page
    • To block access to the content when you remove the ‘X’ close option so that optin forms or banners cannot be closed

Check out these examples …

    • Standard Page Blackout – View
    • Block content Page Blackout – View

How do you add a ‘Page Blackout? It takes juts 2 clicks … check these instructions relating to screen shot shown below …

    • A: use dropin delay to delay entrance of the dropin and addition of the Page Blackout
    • B: Simply click to activate, thats all it takes



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