13 September 2013
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SERVICE UPDATE + More Than 10 Exciting CTA Presenters Added …

Its been a busy week again … lots of work has gone into the CTA presenters, check the specific links to examples below, …  BZ9 CTA presenters reach the parts others simply cannot reach.

And above all take a look at the Facebook presenters, there may only be two right now but use these to give yourself some ideas as to what you want to see on your own and your client’s Facebook Fanpages and ‘Like Gates’. And don’t keep it to yourself, make sure you let me know so that we can keep the production rolling …

OK what do we have in this weeks service update?

Firstly, I have listed below any new blog posts which have been added since the last update … but before you check those out, please check following as it does represent a rather big update where the CTA Presenters are concerned….

New CTA Presenters …   
    • Facebook ‘Like Gate’ CTA :: This one is cool, professional and will get you more ‘Likes’ than any other call to action
    • Facebook ‘Like’ CTA :: This one is funny … if you don’t see a direct use for it yourself, use it to stir your thought process as to how you could get more ‘Likes’ … go on … be inventive!
    • List Building CTA :: This is one of several new list building CTA Presenters added this week
    • List Building CTA :: This is another one of the new list building CTA Presenters
    • Internet Marketing CTA :: A classic internet marketing CTA Presenter
    • Exit Pop Up CTA :: This is one of two exit traffic CTAs, totally unique AND effective …

To check the full range of over 50 CTA Presenters please click here

Service Updates & New Blog Posts ..   
    • New graphics have been uploaded, please review here
    • I started using another free WordPress plugin to add drop ins, you will recognise the feature, try it out here
    • Here the other WP plugin I mentioned deliver a rather cool count down timer for free

Terry Johnson

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