23 August 2013
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Several things to update you on this week…

There has been a run of updates on the blog over the last 7 days, so firstly in case you missed any of these I have made a short list here so that you may choose which are of interest or simply skip to the other updates.

These are listed most recent first:

    • 22nd August … How To use The BZ9 Tool Sets Feature …
    • 22nd August … Try This For Your Facebook Posts …
    • 21st August … Adding The Affiliate Presenters To Your BZ9 Facebook FanPages …
    • 19th August  … Video Jacker Affiliate Videos, Use To Build Your Optin Lists
    • 18th August … How To Create BZ9 Dynamic Links …

    • 18th August … How To Add Affiliate Presenters To ANY Website
    • 16th August … Adding Affiliate Presenters Can Increase Sales & Optins
    • 16th August … Bookmark This Valuable Resource For Free Graphics And Images!
    • 15th August … Do You Want To Automate Your Facebook Posts?

 MORE Updates …

Well the above in itself represents several tweaks to existing programming to accommodate the new features.

In addition we have also:

    • Uploaded an enormous amounts of graphics you may now access from the ‘Image Vault’ when creating short links, FanPages, Landing Pages and mobile pages. Here are just a few examples.

    Dozens of 64×64 icons from social media to ‘nice’ on the eye images:

     Dozens of bar graphs and pie charts:


    Buy now and add to cart buttons:

    Facebook images:

    Facebook thumbnails:




    Facebook timeline covers:

    Page header graphics:



    PC and Screen images:



    Social Media:

    • Uploaded many new buy now, instant access and other suitable buttons for use with the IM and Affiliate Marketing presenters. Following are some examples which also come in different color variations.



2 responses on “SERVICE UPDATE 23/08/13

  1. Steven Croft says:


    These updates and your positive and reliable communication with us confirms again what I have told people for such a long time. BZ9 never sits still !!!! You and your team area always searching, creating and implementing tremendous programs, tool sand services to enhance the performance, productivity and profitability of our businesses.

    Thanks for all of the hard work that all of you do each and every day.

    Best Regards,


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