22 August 2013
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BZ9 Tool Sets …

The BZ9 ‘Tool Sets’ feature allows you to save sets of tools for both BZ9 Short Links (Link Jacker) and for BZ9 Webmaster Tools for adding to webpages, blogs and Facebook Fanpages.

You can create unlimited ToolSets … once a Tool Set has been saved they can then be used to instantly copy or save to new short links or pages without having to re create them.

At the bottom of each Tools Management page for webmaster tools and short urls you will have 3 options:

    • ‘Save as Tool Set’ use this option to save tools associated with the short url or project so that you can use the same tool set with any or all of your short urls and webpages etc.
    •  ‘Select Tool Set’ use this option to ‘Select’ any given tool set previously saved. This is the option to use if you are operating, tens, hundreds or even thousands of links or pages and you want to have the same tool set used with every link or page. When you choose this option the page will contract and hide the options for the short url as the tools will be controlled via the original short url or project where you saved the tool set to. If you make a change it will instantly be updated across your short urls or webpages.
    • ‘Copy Tool Set’ use this option if you want to copy a previously saved tool set and then make changes to his tool set to be used purely for the given short url or webpage. This is a great time saving feature if you use the same tools or set of tools over and over again, but might need to make slight alterations or add an additional tool. Once finished editing you can even save the edited tool set as a new tool set.

Please see the following screen shots and instructions:

Screen Shot #1: If you have not yet saved a ‘Tool Set’ you will have the option to save any of your tools associated with a given short url or project as a ‘Tool Set’. To save simply click the ‘Save as Tool Set’ link and you will be asked to give the ‘Tool Set’ a name and optional description as shown here:


Screen Shot #2: Once you have saved a ‘Tool Set’ you will then have the option to add or copy the tool set to any of your short urls or projects.


Screen Shot #3:  If you choose to use a tool set via the ‘Select Tool Set’ option the screen will collapse as shown in screen shot #3 and show the tool set you are currently using. You can then swap between any of your saved tools sets or choose ‘none’ and then create a unique set for each url. If you want to edit the tool set use the ‘Edit Tool Set’ link which will take you to the original url the tool set is saved to.


NOTE: Once you save a tool set, and then start adding to multiple urls you should remember that when you use the ‘Edit Tool Set’ link that you will be changing the tool set for every url this is saved to. This is obviously a great advantage and time saver as you can instantly change the tools used with hundreds or even thousands of urls with just one action.

As you then navigate around your short urls you will see new icons which will indicate whether it is saved as a tool set or which tool set it is using.

Here is a glossary covering the different icons you will encounter. Not all icons are clickable.

Click to show tool set info and edit the tool set name and desc. when viewing the master tool set
Click to show which tool set is being used with a given short url
Click to see which url you are redirecting to
Cloaked url
Forwarding url

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