Adding The CTA Presenters To Facebook ‘Like Gates’ …


    • Once you are ready to create a CTA Presenter please login to your BZ9 account and go to the ‘Presenter Dashboard.
    • If you wish to create a Facebook FanPage please login to your BZ9 account and go to the FanPage Builder.
    • If you are using your own FanPage builder or a third party builder you would simply add the embed code to the HTML page or use the BZ9 Word Press Plugin if using Word Press.
    • Adding the CTA Presenters to your BZ9 Facebook FanPages requires the use of the inclusive BZ9 Webmaster Tools which is already auto inserted into the pages for you, you only need to follow the steps as shown below.

In order to add a CTA Presenter please follow these steps:

Step #1: From within the FanPage Builder section click on the ‘tools’ icon for the page you wish to add the presenter to:


Step #2: Then specify the ‘blank’ dropin as shown with ‘A’ and then open the HTML editor as shown with ‘B’:


Step #3: When the HTML editor opens click on the ‘Source’ button as shown with ‘A’ and then paste the presenter code into the HTML editor as shown with ‘B’:


Step #4: Within the code according to the options you specified there will be either one or two references to: src=”http:// … change these by adding an ‘s’ after the http so that it becomes src=”https://as shown below:


Step #5: Now you need to add an image to your ‘Like Gate’ as follows:

    • A: Click on the source button again to hide the code
    • B: Click on the ‘Image Vault’ button


Step #6: Go to ‘Facebook Like Images’ folder and choose an image or scroll to the top ‘My Images’ folder and upload your own image:


Step #7: Once you have done this click ‘Save Changes’ as shown with ‘A’ and then close the HTML editor as shown with ‘B’:


Step #8: Click on the ‘Settings’ button:


Step #9: Change settings as follows:

    • A: Tick the ‘Secret FanPage’ tick box
    • B: Close the facebox


Step #10: Then open the ‘Custom Drop In panel as shown below:


Step #11: Within the ‘Custom Drop’ In panel first resize the drop in as shown with ‘A’ then reposition the drop in to where you want it to be placed as shown with ‘B’. You will need to adjust the size and position so that the image and presenter are placed where you want them to appear. By making changes and viewing the live page you will see how the adjustments affect the position on the live page. Make sure you drag the ‘opacity’ down to 0% as shown with ‘C’ then make sure you save it:


Step #11: Then go to your page and the presenter should be showing. If the position or size of the drop in is not how you want it simply revisit the custom drop in and resize or reposition to where you want it.

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