How To Create BZ9 Dynamic Links …

If you are using BZ9 short links or our very popular package known as Link Jacker, its very important that you get to know how the ‘Dynamic Links’ feature of your account works as it will save you many hours of setting up links.

The Dynamic Links features allows you to set up new links containing all of your chosen tools and plugins, on the fly, literally within seconds.

The video below shows you how to create Dynamic Links from your short BZ9 links, but just to back up this great feature check these instructions as well:

Here is an example link: if you click the link you will see that it includes ‘Carlos’ one of our ‘Virtual Presenters’ on the ‘Daily Mail’ website, plus as you go to exit you should see an example pop under and exit pop up.

Here’s how to make the same tool set appear on any website without having to create new BZ9 links or tool sets.

Existing Link:

Now by adding ?url= to the end of the link followed by the new URL to point to you can instantly create dynamic links such as:

New Dynamic Link #1:
New Dynamic Link #2:

NOTE: the dynamic linck should contain http:// after the ?url=


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