18 August 2013
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Adding Affiliate CTA Presenters & Optin Forms To BZ9 Short Links …


    • Once you are ready to create CTA Presenters please login to your BZ9 account and go to the ‘CTA Presenter Dashboard.
    • This strategy requires the use of BZ9 short links. To create a BZ9 short link please login and go to ‘My Short Links‘ … for training please go here.

This is more powerful than just sliding in a banner and also works great when used in conjunction with the ‘Link Jacker’ exit pop ups or exit pop unders. … check this example here (opens in new window).

In order to add a CTA presenter plus optin form or banner etc. please follow these steps:

Step #1: From within the My Short Links section click on the ‘tools’ icon for the page/link you wish to add the presenter to:


Step #2: Then activate ‘dropin management’ and specify the ‘blank’ dropin as shown with ‘A’ and then open the HTML editor as shown with ‘B’:


Step #3: When the HTML editor opens click on the ‘Source’ button as shown with ‘A’ and then paste the presenter code into the HTML editor as shown with ‘B’ then add your autoresponder form code below the presenter embed code as shown with ‘B:


Step #4: Once you have done this click ‘Save Changes’ as shown with ‘A’ and then close the HTML editor as shown with ‘B’:


Step #5: Then open the ‘Custom Drop In panel as shown below:


Step #6: Because we are adding the presenter to a BZ9 short URL we cannot reposition the presenter using the ‘Custom Dropin’ as this is set when you create the presenter code, so we are only using the ‘Custom Dropin’ tool to set the options for the autoresponder optin form.

The following is ref to the image below.

    • A: Use this option to resize the drop to something which roughly matches the dimensions of your optin form
    • B: Reposition the dropin/optin form  to where you would like it to appear on the page
    • C: When you are happy with the size and position use this option to drag the ‘opacity’ down to 0% so that only the optin form is shown
    • If you don’t want the ‘X’ close button to be shown remember to untick ‘Display Close Button’
    • Then make sure you save it


Step #7: Once you have closed the facebox click on the ‘View’ icon as shown below to view the CTA presenter on your page/short url:


Step #8: Use the options shown below to also display the optin form on exit and to delay the appearance of the optin form to a set number of seconds after the page loads:


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