Automatically Add Dozens of Leads To Your Autoresponder & Make Sales Directly From ANY Facebook Timeline, Group or Page For FREE … Simply by Sharing Videos!

INCREDIBLE Software Auto Generates Sales & Leads From Within Facebook Groups, Timelines & Pages!

Welcome to facebook video jacker … an amazing, proven video marketing platform which will allow you to extract automated sales and optins directly from facebook groups, timelines and pages.

Give me just a few minutes of your time and I will demonstrate how you can LEGALLY post absolutely ANY video, even videos you don’t own to facebook timelines, pages and groups whilst including any brand, skin and call to action such as buy now, download or subscribe here.

Let me just empathise that for you … using facebook video jacker you can add your own call to actions and optin forms for your own products and affiliate products right their on or within ANY video video whilst the viewer plays the video on their timeline, page or within any highly targeted group.

This example shows a free to use x factor video legally shared from youtube whilst including a highly targeted offer of a free iTunes gift card with option to optin to a news letter…

Before i show you a quick demonstration let me just mention that if facebook isn’t your thing please also check our video over view and information below which demonstrates how video jacker can add over 26 different applications to absolutely ANY video and then post to twitter, your blogs and even your WebPages.

Ok so why is this so effective?

Firstly, if you don’t have your own videos you can legally share any highly targeted video from youtube or Vimeo which contain helpful and informative information and even funny, thought provoking videos …

And if you think sharing videos from youtube will only promoted the creators service, think again because youtube is filled with millions of pure, helpful videos which you can legally exploit to gain email optins and affiliate sales.

So instantly we have removed the need for video and content creation.

We can even take this a step further by sharing the most popular videos … given they are already trending also adds the probability that if they are being shared on youtube they will also be shared on facebook ….. which of course will also include your brand, skins and up to 26 different applications, call to actions and optin forms…

and secondly …the key thing to note is that facebook is all about being social and facebook video jacker allows you to post ‘social and engaging videos aimed at your targeted audience or niche whilst subtly including YOUR call to action and optin forms.

So … by delivering what people expect on facebook, by being social we encourage video views and avoid the obvious pushy sales approach which is the quickest way to switch off your audience .

Ok, so lets now cut to the chase and show you from start to finish how facebook video jacker will post any video and include your chosen call to action, up to 26 applications and optin forms …

Using youtube as an example you can either draw up key word related results.

Then we add any of the 26 available applications from optin forms, call to action buttons within the video, printable coupons, Skype, QR codes, maps, eBay products, RSS feeds, more youtube videos and even lists of information linking to external sites. For a full list of available applications see the list further down this page.

Incidentally as a side note once you have created your video player with skins, branding, apps and optin forms from there on you can use the cloning feature to create 1, 10, 100 or even thousands of carbon copies using a different youtube video to further engage your audience.

Your video is instantly posted to facebook ready to engage your audience encourage email optins, sales and services of yours or affiliate promotions.

I would like to encourage you to watch the 2nd video below as this goes over the functionality in more detail, demonstrating video jacker use outside of facebook, showing how each video player has its own automatically set up landing page, the comprehensive apps and video player analytics showing exactly what apps are being used and number of view you are receiving and the very sophisticated cloning feature as demonstrated.

When you are ready to make a start please click the buy now buttons located on this page or within this video if being viewed outside of youtube where you can gain instant access to two free video players with the option to upgrade for 100 video players for no more than than just $10 per month.

Just one sale or affiliate commission can easily cover this small out of pocket expense.

Thanks again for your interest in facebook video jacker, I look forward to helping you extract more sales, leads and options directly from facebook facebook groups, timelines and pages.

2 responses on “Automatically Add Dozens of Leads To Your Autoresponder & Make Sales Directly From ANY Facebook Timeline, Group or Page For FREE … Simply by Sharing Videos!

  1. Laurence Chilcott says:

    Hello Terry,
    I’m somewhat confused……. is FacebookVideoJacker a seperate program from the Viewbix program?
    Because if it is, and I can get it for $10/month and it includes all 26 Apps currently part of the PREMUIM viewbix program which I joined at the start OR do we now receive the new FacebookVideoJacker program(including all 26 Apps) as existing and original purchasers of the Viewbix VideoJacker program?
    Please advise Terry as I will get the new FacebookVideoJacker system,especially as it enables me to access all 26 Apps-thank you
    Laurence Chilcott
    PS Congratulations,keep up the good work

    • says:

      Hi Laurence, I know we have since discussed this by email, but just to confirm that if you create an account now its currently just $6.99 per month as opposed to the quoted $10pm.

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