25 June 2013
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Should You Bid On CPC or CPM?

[maxbutton id=”19″] The recent ability for Facebook advertisers to directly target and pinpoint facebook users according to their UID (Facebook user ID) could have created a new stampede of both novice and experienced advertisers back to Facebook. I have to admit to being one of these … After all where else can you access such […]

5 June 2013
BZ9 Blog
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How To Get 20GB of FREE Online Data Storage …

Whilst everyone may have heard of Dropbox, and used the FREE Online Data Storage service to securely store files just in case hard drives ever crashes the free storage allowance is very low. The downside to Dopbox is the free allowance is only 2GBs which doesn’t go very far these days … Dropbox offers a great service but […]

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