11 May 2013
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How To INSTANTLY Turn Landing Pages Into Mobile Web Pages …

You can now turn BZ9 landing pages into instant ‘mobile websites’ with just 3 clicks of your mouse.

Click #1 & #2: Whilst in edit mode for your chosen landing page, click on ‘Website Settings’ bottom left hand corner, then click on ‘Mobile Settings’:

Click #3:  On the next screen choose from the drop down menu, the mobile website you want to use with your landing page.Finally click ‘save the changes now’ and your landing page is now instantly enabled for mobile browsing, no code to copy or files to upload or download..
To use this system you will need to have built a mobile website using the BZ9 Mobile Website Builder, which should take no more than 30 to 60 minutes to build a 5 page mobile website.

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