22 April 2013
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WARNING: Beware Of Using Tinyurl, Bitly, Owly & EVEN goo.gl

If you’ve been following my blog posts you will be aware that I have highlighted the pit falls of using free short url services on several occasions.

So it was inspiring to see that Aweber have also posted advice on the same subject, i.e poor delivery rates when using Tinyurl, Bitly, Owly & EVEN goo.gl etc.

You would expect Aweber to know about these issues given they are one of if not the leading autoresponder services in the world.

If you check Aweber’s advice you will also notice that Aweber recommend using your own redirect and cloaking software such as Link Cracker.

So getting back to the subject, please check Aweber’s article as it backs up my own feelings on the subject and please also read on as I will expand on my own theories associated with this important subject…

Did you know … that over the last few years the immense popularity of sites such as Twitter and Facebook have created a stampede for free (and paid) short url and redirect services?

Of course you did, you only have to be online to know this!

However, the little known secret is that behind the scenes … the use of these ‘shared’ services by tens of thousands of users (and spammers) is actually damaging YOUR business and costing you money!

All of these services get used by spammers and even responsible business owners and affiliates will make social posts and links which, perhaps through no fault of their own result in spam complaints which in turn damages the respectability and deliverability of the ‘shared’ URL being used.

Above all … what’s the first thing you think when you see a ‘shared’ url in your emails? You think either spam or that the sender wants to sell you something so you delete the email!

Just look at the spam arriving in your inbox and spam folder, a high percentage will use a free or ‘shared’ url service.

Do you really want to be associated with the same group of spammers and overzealous affiliate marketers by using these ‘shared’ services?

There are alternatives such as Link Cracker …

With Link Cracker you can now raise your game by using your own respected domain, ensure more emails are delivered, opened and clicked whilst increasing YOUR brand awareness!

Terry Johnson


2 responses on “WARNING: Beware Of Using Tinyurl, Bitly, Owly & EVEN goo.gl

  1. pete says:

    why would i purchase this when i can use BZ9 url shoretner . whats the difference. ?

    • BZ9.com says:

      In certain circumstances you would use both Pete, BZ9 short urls delivers the apps and functionality but you get to actually post your own url within social media posts etc.

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