28 March 2013
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How To Do Less, Become More Productive & Make More Sales …

 Firstly I wish you and your family a great Easter break…

But whilst taking some time out its always a good time to reflect on your current business and how you manage and organize your day to day running of your business so as to become more productive.By organizing your time and making just small improvements can see a massive increase in productivity and time spent on these day to day tasks.

The more time you can save working your business the more profitable your business will be … and ultimately the more time you can take out to spend with your family at times like Easter and the many public holidays we will all encounter over the coming spring and summer months…

Being more productive will mean of course exploiting technology to get tasks done quicker as well as knowing when to outsource and who to outsource to.

One aspect of running an online business is maintaining websites, making slight alterations throughout the working week, even if its just to update your blog to keep the search engines interested in what we are doing. As online marketers we very often run multiple websites so when it comes to moving from one site to another even this basic of tasks can become a problem as we login and out of multiple sites in order to make our changes and updates.

Word Press of course makes this very easy, no need for FTP etc. But even word press can be a major pain when time is of the essence and you want to move swiftly from one site to another.

However, this week I located what I believe to be a unique and innovative plugin called ‘WP Central Hub which allows you to manage all of your Word Press websites from one login, it represents amazing time saving’s.

If you value your time and sanity this is a great plugin to use and priced at just $10 it requires no decision making, its an obvious and easy way to manage all of your word press websites.

Along with running your websites whether you use word press or any other content management system and even good old HTML built sites you need to consider how your websites are structured and how you make best use of keywords within your site.

Google Adwords of course offer a great keyword tool, however its not always far reaching enough … there are alternatives.

You have undoubtedly heard of ‘Market Samurai’ for seeking out extensive keyword ideas. Problem with ‘Market Samurai’ is that its expensive so out of reach on may markets.

However, by delving around I managed to locate ‘Long Tail Pro‘ which does exactly the same job at a fraction of the price. In fact reviewers are saying its better, far easier to use and equally as productive.

In fact to refer to ‘Long Tail Pro‘ as a keyword tool would  not do it justice, as it does the research, finds the keyword and then analyses the competition for that keyword and a whole more.

And lastly as we wind-down to Easter and attempt to switch off and relax, if you are finding it hard to get the time off you deserve consider outsourcing some of your activities.

I say ‘consider’ because unless you know what you are doing it can lead to headaches, frustration and lead to wasting your time … which is exactly what we are trying to avoid!

I should know, with more than 10 years working online you invariably have to ‘try’ something before you find the right service provider and even then you can still find out months down the road that your apparent efficient and trustworthy out sourcing partner are not all they are cracked up to be.

And when that happens it can cost you dear and waste weeks of your time.

I have forgotten the amount of time I have spent searching for recommendations before contracting to a new outsourcing partner, its important to do so as once you commence with a new partner you will end up be reliant on them, so work put in before commitment is very important.

You can of course short cut this learning curve by purchasing courses on the subject of outsourcing, but even that can be full of danger if you don’t know the author!

So yes,outsourcing for all it’s merits, can be problematic if not done correctly.

With the release of Bill Guthrie’s ‘Free The Boss‘ you can give yourself a head start when it comes to securing the right outsourcing partner, it will save you weeks of research and ultimately help you to avoid costly and time wasting mistakes.

Ok that’s it for now…

Happy Easter…

Terry Johnson


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