24 February 2013
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New SMS Features And Updates

New features are now available for our SMS/text customers at BZ9.mobi.

Bring the power of customized data collection to your database. With these latest updates, you can now collect customized information from your audience online or via mobile texting.

Custom Data Field Capture
Know more about your audience right through their mobile phones. In addition to collecting basic contact information, you can collect even more valuable data through the enhanced Mobile Keyword Data Capture. Ask your audience members for up to 10 specific types of data, like email address, favorite color, or anything else you want to know.

Import with Custom Data Fields
If you have a data-rich, opt-in contact database you’d like to import into our system, now you can! In addition to the standard types of contact information, like first name, last name, mobile phone, and email address, you can now conveniently import your .CSV file with up to 10 of your own custom data fields.

SMS and Inbox Notifications
Have more control over how you want to receive inbox notifications. You can now be notified wherever you are via SMS or email about incoming messages from your contacts. If you need to, you can even set multiple ways to get those messages. In case you’d rather not have your inbox receive notifications, you can disable this feature instead.

International Credits.
One size doesn’t always fit all, so we’ve come up with text-message credit rates for international messages. SMS messages sent to countries outside the United States will now cost different rates based on the country. You can purchase international credits in buckets, or you can convert your current domestic text credits into international credits.

MMS Credit Change. Due to a recent decision made by carriers to impose a surcharge on MMS traffic, the rates for MMS messages and Mobile eCards have increased, requiring 6 credits for delivery. Changes will be made automatically and will not disrupt any of your campaign activities.

To access these exciting new features please login or create your free account at BZ9.mobi.


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