4 February 2013
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Service Update

The following updates and improvements have been implemented since the last update … I have also included any new features which may have already been reported as a way of a summary in case you missed the updates…

1) Exit pop ups now respond far quicker. Over time the exit pop ups had slowed down so if you experienced this we apologise for any inconvenience caused but you can now rest assured they are now lightening fast … please check the response via our example test page which incidentally was built using the BZ9 custom tool via a BZ9 short url.

2) You now have access to the brand new Word Press plugin, more details are available here.

3) GEO Tagging has now been introduced to both short urls and webmaster tools to complement the existing GEO Targeting service.

Coming soon …

A) The popular BZ9 ‘Pop Unders which have been available for short urls for a month or so now will make an appearance within ‘Webmaster Tools’ within the next 48 hours.

B) On the drawing board right now is a new ‘Dynamic Ads’ tool which will allow you to trigger videos, banners and any HTML content based on keywords within the body content of ANY website.

‘Dynamic Ads’ will allow you to use BZ9 short urls (Link jacker) to trigger these ads based on the content of any webpage you may be pointing to or framing … massive potential for affiliates of course.

‘Dynamic Ads’ will also allow you to instantly add a new monetization opportunity site wide to your own website and blog. now whilst you may comment that you don’t have space on your site … well this is one of the unique features of ‘Dynamic Ads’ as you will be able to display videos, banners (any size) along with HTML content as a dropin any where on the page, with a built in delay option and even set to display on exit only….

Till next time…

Terry Johnson


2 responses on “Service Update

  1. Laurence Chilcott says:

    Hello Terry,
    Your team is creating a range of great features within the magic of BZ9-and I’m pleased that I took the decision to join some 2 years odd ago.
    It seems that today creating an Authority site, along with buying PR 3-5 ranked sites linked to the Authority site , along with relevant unique quality content is the way to go IF one is interested in ranking on Googles page one? – does this appear to be the way you see IM success going?
    Laurence Chilcott
    PS Part of creating an Authority site is tied up with a complete utilisation of Google+?

    • BZ9.com says:

      Good question Laurence, but unfortunately I do not pretend to be an SEO expert by any means so I cannot answer this question I’m afraid.

      I would hate to give misleading advice.

      I have always found that questions like this can receive a well informed answer by going to the warrior forum and posting the question within the SEO section, or failing that to any good respectable forum.

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