26 February 2013
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Link Cracker Version 1.3

Link Cracker Version 1.3 has now been released. This version includes the following new features… > Added 301 search engine friendly link option. (tells the search engines its a permanent link and not a redirect) > Added option to make links expire. Set links to ‘expire’ so they redirect after a product closes for example after a […]

24 February 2013
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New SMS Features And Updates

New features are now available for our SMS/text customers at BZ9.mobi. Bring the power of customized data collection to your database. With these latest updates, you can now collect customized information from your audience online or via mobile texting. Custom Data Field Capture Know more about your audience right through their mobile phones. In addition […]

21 February 2013
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Example Real Estate Video

Here is an example real estate video shown using additional applications to show property details such as pictures, property location map, local weather and how to book an appointment to view…  

19 February 2013
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Using 10 Amazing Bets To Avoid The ‘Hard Sell’…

Everyone hates to be given the hard sell, you want to take your time and make an informed decision before making a purchase. There is always a place of course for the hard sell, business is business after all! Take articles, they are purposely designed to be informative, whilst being monetized with banners or Adsense […]

18 February 2013
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How To Add Autoresponder Forms In Less Than 10 Seconds!

Adding Autoresponder forms is an absolute breeze when using the BZ9 Website Builder. The process utilises the built in semi automated process to insert autoreponder forms into your webpages. If you use Aweber or any other similar 3rd party services the process is just as easy … simply insert your HTML or iframe codes….  

12 February 2013
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Save Time By Copying Your Facebook FanPage Templates

We’ve introduced a great time saving feature so that you may copy Your Facebook FanPage Templates within your account. It’s extremely quick to set up and even quicker to copy as many pages as you like. You will find your own reasons for using this feature, even if its just to copy a page for practising or trying […]

11 February 2013
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‘Slap Google Back’

It’s time to ‘Slap Google Back’… I don’t know about you but there seems to be a lot of new theories floating about relating to SEO. Of course, these are all trying to redress the balance relating to Google’s constant changes and updates. So how do you know who to believe? Well you certainly can’t rely […]

9 February 2013
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Stealth Tracking

The BZ9 Stealth Tracking tool is an ingenious feature, however, please note that before using the stealth tracking feature, that you do your due diligence as in some affiliate networks it could be classed as cookie stuffing and be against the networks terms of service. The stealth tracking feature allows you to set your affiliate […]

Exit Pop Ups

You can now add an exit pop up to make more sales and increase email optins to ANY webpage, blog post, short url and even to your Facebook FanPages. If you are using any of the hosted BZ9 services from FanPage Builder to Website Builder and from Short URLs to Webmaster Tools you can make all BZ9 tools appear […]

4 February 2013
BZ9 Blog
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Service Update

The following updates and improvements have been implemented since the last update … I have also included any new features which may have already been reported as a way of a summary in case you missed the updates… 1) Exit pop ups now respond far quicker. Over time the exit pop ups had slowed down […]

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