‘Geo Tagging’ Allows You To Greet Visitors With A Personal Message Quoting Their Location…

‘Geo Tagging’ is where you can greet visitors quoting their location.

This means we can make any visitors experience unique to them which will in turn increase conversions as we can make their experience more personalised.

It’s all about location, location, location and by applying GEO Tagging to your marketing you could see conversions increase by over 50%!

For example we can greet any visitor from any location in the world and make the offer either appear to only be available to them … or use for when there is a genuine location specific offer and you have redirected other traffic from other locations, city, country for example to another offer using the bz9 geo targeting service.

For affiliates BZ9 short urls in conjunction with ‘Geo Tagging’ and geo targeting is an essential tool to increase conversions for affiliate marketing.

We do this by using either designer dropins OR custom html dropins.

Set up for ‘Geo Tagging’ is a simple copy and paste process.

At BZ9 we provide what are called ‘Geo Tagging’ merge or macro codes, which when inserted within the designer dropin, or custom html dropin will display the location of the visitor, doesn’t matter where they are located, which then allows you to create personalised, welcome messages to increase those conversions.

For an example click here.

When used with BZ9’s geo targeting service, this creates a win, win solution for affiliate marketing, what ever the product or service.

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