23 January 2013
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After All Viral Marketing Could Have An Idyllic Outcome …

Have you been caught up these past months with the manic frenzy relating to viral marketing and how it can apparently transform your online business?

Are you now wondering what all the fuss is about?

Well … you would not be alone!

After all viral marketing could have an idyllic outcome … that you can market your products and services without actually doing very much!

It’s what we all want …

And no one can blame you for that!

But the cold, hard reality is that its not as easy as you might think.

Even Facebook is now limiting the reach of our posts to encourage or should I say force us to pay to reach more of our hard earned fans!

But all is not lost, some of us have seen some excellent results … despite Facebook’s attempts and some of us have learnt how to perfect the process. Perhaps perfect is not the right term but perhaps increase our chances of success is.

If you have been watching our FanPage over the last 12 months you should have spotted the daily activity Paul has applied to increase our fan base and interaction with our clients.

Whilst the posts may have been off topic they have certainly had the desired affect.

More to the point … it’s also been a fascinating journey of discovery to see what works and what does not work and see if a set of principles could be applied.

Its not an easy game, but if you want to perfect your viral marketing take a read of what Paul has learnt and see if there is a way forward for your viral marketing … purely educational stuff…

After all Paul did post our famous image now aptly named ‘Word Jacker‘ which generated:


Good luck with spreading your viruses…

Terry Johnson


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