22 January 2013
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Viral Marketing! Do You Know What Goes Viral On The Social Networks?

There has been a lot of hype over the last 12 months relating to ‘meme’ images and how they will transform the marketing of your online business.

Whilst images and content such as videos can and will go viral, it can be almost impossible to predict what will hit the mark and what will fail dismally.

So if you plan to spend hours creating content with the hope it will go viral … perhaps you should think again. A potentially profitable idea can very quickly turn into a rather costly time consuming … waste of time!

If you have been paying close attention over the last 8 to 12 months you should have noticed a lot of activity on our Fanpage, with daily postings of mainly images.

We’ve seen some great success, one image alone managed to create over 138,000 comments on Facebook and daily visitor traffic in excess of 5000 per day!

Now that doesn’t happen that often…

The infamous image which created such success is based on a word puzzle, so we decided to name it ‘Word Jacker‘.

And we’ve also learnt a thing or two along away. In fact I should really say that it’s Paul who has been doing the learning, so let me hand over to Paul, who has been running ‘Bubonik  – The World’s Most Contagious AMAZING, FUNNY, INSPIRATIONAL, WEIRD & VIRAL STUFF‘.

Paul has also created an insight to what he has learnt about the most viral elements of a  viral marketing campaign, take a peak, it may help to short cut the learning curve and start posting content which at least has a chance of going viral…

Have fun spreading your viruses…

Terry Johnson



4 responses on “Viral Marketing! Do You Know What Goes Viral On The Social Networks?

  1. Chris Munch says:

    If you follow a specific successful method for creating memes you’ll find the vast majority will go viral if you launch them correctly. How you launch them is the MOST critical part.

    There are many sites that have built themselves up from nothing purely on viral content because they know how to grab attention.

  2. Foran says:

    thanks for the post, I’ll be sharing for sure

  3. John Reynolds says:

    There are also so many video uploading sites, and these also give facility for sharing their movies, however I think YouTube is the finest.

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