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Despite researching Geo Targeting and Geo Marketing for a while now it wasn’t until today that I learnt what ‘Geo’ actually stands for …

I had mistakenly taken ‘Geo‘ to be an abbreviation or shortening of Geographical.

After all it stands to reason that given we are targeting our marketing based on the geographical location of the prospect that surely it must stand for geographical?

I was wrong, Geo actually refers to Geo (marketing).

However, this doesn’t change things in the slightest, the reason for creating this blog post is to let you know about a new Geo targeting service we are launching at

We are actually releasing our Geo targeting service in two stages, the first stage will primarily be used by affiliates (but not limited to) and soon after we will release the webmaster version.

Both services are very much unique, not just in the results achieved but in the way its delivered and managed.

So getting back to that opening question …. What Is Geo Targeting?

Very simply … Geo Targeting is the ability for us (as marketers) to target specific content (pure content and marketing/landing pages) at our target audience based on their location.

Why would we want to Geo Target our marketing? Because within this global market place, product and services are not always globally available, plus we know that however good an offer may be, some populations simply won’t buy into the offer, so why send them to something which won’t result in a sale?

Geo targeting allows us to target highly relevant offers to the correct target audience.

Therefore by employing GEO Targeting Software or services allows us to send visitor traffic to location specific offers if it is relevant to the visitor and send other non relevant traffic to other location specific offers OR global offers which ARE relevant.

So we are not just making better use of our visitor traffic but we are also (if applicable) potentially saving a big chunk of our advertising dollar by sending visitors to products and services they will actually want to buy.

So … by now you should have a broad understanding of what Geo Targeting will do for your online business.

The process may appear to be complicated, after all, how could you possibly divert traffic from one country, region, state or city to one page or website and another visitor from right around the globe to another page or website?

It’s actually technically quite complicated … but as ever this is where BZ9 steps in and takes control of the technical aspects so that you can get on with the management and growth of your business.

The first wave of GEO Targeting services and Geo Targeting Software will be released in just a few days time.

To be alerted to its release please pop your details within the optin form to right.

Geo Targeting has proven to convert non performing campaigns in to highly profitable campaigns … by simply utilizing and managing existing traffic and resources.

Watch this space for more education on the benefits of Geo Targeting …

Terry Johnson


4 responses on “GEO Targeting Software…

  1. Laurence Chilcott says:

    Hey Terry,
    Looks great,my friend…..and looking forward to the software and training
    Laurence Chilcott

  2. Danny says:

    looking forward for the release of this product and the training

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