1 January 2013
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Do You Have A Game Plan For 2013?

Firstly I want to wish you a happy new year and above all wish you success for 2013.

Its January 1st 2013, we now have 12 full months ahead of us, we are each and every one of us responsible for our destiny and where 2013 will take us.

We can either drift through the year or take matters into our own hands and sculpt our success for 2013.

I don’t know about you but I very much prefer the latter which is why I have set out some very specific plans for 2013 which of course is going to include some great new products as well as product improvements to help you with your business growth.

Let me give you a brief run down on what we have in store for the first 3 to 6 months of 2013 … but of course you can expect this list to grow as each month new ideas evolve and improvements become evident…

BZ9 short links (Link Jacker)

Link Jacker was released as a stand alone product in September 2012, it has been a tremendous success, after all it is still loosely based on the original BZ9 concept which was born way back in 2003.

Any way, since the launching of Link Jacker we have already added additional features such as pop unders, dynamic URLs, dropin delays and dropins on exit, and the process has also helped us to identify where we can add additional features to really turn BZ9 short links in to an even better super affiliate marketing tool …

Feature #1: GEO targeting … you will be able to redirect your prospects to ANY urls based purely on their geographical location

Feature #2: Cookie stuffing … affiliate marketing can still result in lost commissions, take a look at Amazon for example, if your traffic is redirected from Amazon.com to Amazon.co.uk you won’t get paid if that traffic buys from the the .co.uk. BZ9 cookie stuffing will put a stop to this and won’t be limited to juts Amazon marketing.

Feature #3: Short code options … place tokens like [geocity] [geostate] [geocountry] etc.. in any content and the system will replace that token with corresponding geographical information

Feature #3: Variables … Pass variables for use with PPC etc.

Video Jacker

A very recent addition to the portfolio but again this has been very popular and brings some very exciting marketing possibilities for affiliates and product owners. The introduction of Video Jacker has also highlighted new possibilities for resellers delivery improved video marketing for their current and future clients.

With this very much in mind we are embarking on development of some very specific programming to semi automate delivery of demo videos, demo landing pages and even the extraction of data from YouTube to enable the semi automation of the entire process.

As we get ready for the release of this new and exciting product we will alos revisit the numerous reseller products and services we currently deliver and see where improvements can be made.

BZ9 Webmaster Tools …

GEO targeting … you will be able to redirect your prospects to ANY urls based purely on their geographical location. Simply add the popular BZ9 webmaster code to any of your pages to instantly redirect prospects to relevant pages, content and offers based on their geographical location.

Word Press …

During January we will be releasing our own Word Press plugin to enable the simple addition of BZ9 webmaster tools to your word Press installations…

Media Buying …

We are currently experimenting with a popular ad platform. This ad platform has very much simplified the process of buying media to promote our businesses. If the current experiment continues to flourish there will be a comprehensive section within the media buying section of your account so that you may fully understand the principles involved and see how you can acquire targeted advertising for as little as just $5.


As ever we will continue to to add new features as the ideas arrive and evolve and we will be developing and redeveloping existing features to bring these in to line with the exacting requirements of Internet Marketing for the year 2013.

So … Do You Have A Game Plan For 2013?

Its imperative that you have laid out your plans for 2013 so that you can achieve your goals and avoid having to look back in a years time with those familiar regrets.

Let BZ9 help your business to grow and evolve in 2013.

Happy new year…
Terry Johnson


2 responses on “Do You Have A Game Plan For 2013?

  1. John Stevens says:

    Love your plans, can’t wait for these new releases…

  2. Thanks Terry – Great plans and a Happy New Start 2U and us too !

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