31 January 2013
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This Is Why You MUST HAVE A Secret FanPage!

Secret FanPages are Facebook’s version of a traditional squeeze page … Some people may  also refer to these as ‘Like Gates’ or ‘Fan Gates . NOTE: You can now CTA Presenters to your FanPages and ‘Like Gates’ … check this tutorial of instructions. By using the right platform to build your secret FanPages it can be a quick […]

30 January 2013
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BZ9 Training Modules

We now have a new and improved training sequence to encompass all the new additions, applications, builders and tools you now have access to as a BZ9 account holder. The new training modules also cover training for your day to day activities whilst marketing online. From GEO marketing to affiliate marketing and from Word Press […]

CTA Affiliate Marketing Presenter Word Press Plugin …

You can add the CTA Affiliate Marketing Presenter embed codes to your Word Press sites and blogs by using our Word Press plugin. The plugin was actually developed for BZ9 Webmaster Tools, so if you already use this service/plugin you don’t need to re download and install, simply use the existing plugin. The video below […]

28 January 2013
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BZ9 Word Press Plugin

Word Press is such a popular website builder that we went ahead and created a Word Press plugin so that you can add BZ9 Webmaster Tools & presenters to your Word Press pages and blog posts. The plugin is free to use and can be downloaded via the link/video below. The BZ9 Word Press Plugin simplifies […]

‘Geo Tagging’ Allows You To Greet Visitors With A Personal Message Quoting Their Location…

‘Geo Tagging’ is where you can greet visitors quoting their location. This means we can make any visitors experience unique to them which will in turn increase conversions as we can make their experience more personalised. It’s all about location, location, location and by applying GEO Tagging to your marketing you could see conversions increase […]

23 January 2013
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After All Viral Marketing Could Have An Idyllic Outcome …

Have you been caught up these past months with the manic frenzy relating to viral marketing and how it can apparently transform your online business? Are you now wondering what all the fuss is about? Well … you would not be alone! After all viral marketing could have an idyllic outcome … that you can […]

22 January 2013
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Viral Marketing! Do You Know What Goes Viral On The Social Networks?

There has been a lot of hype over the last 12 months relating to ‘meme’ images and how they will transform the marketing of your online business. Whilst images and content such as videos can and will go viral, it can be almost impossible to predict what will hit the mark and what will fail dismally. So if you plan to spend […]

19 January 2013
BZ9 Blog
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Latest SEO Technology for better Site Optimization

As you can see a tremendous increase in the usage of the internet, your online marketing strategies can make your trade fruitful. By using Search Engine Optimization methods, you can achieve this objective. Competing with others in the world of web and getting to the top place needs effective search engine optimization methods. It is […]

What Is Geo Targeting & Why Should We Geo Target Our marketing?

What Is Geo Targeting? … Very simply …Geo Targeting is the ability for us (as marketers) to deliver specific content (pure content and landing pages) to our target audience based on the visitor’s location. Why would we want to Geo Target our marketing? Because within this global market place, products and services are not always […]

GEO Targeting Software…

Despite researching ‘Geo Targeting‘ and ‘Geo Marketing‘ for a while now it wasn’t until today that I learnt what ‘Geo’ actually stands for … I had mistakenly taken ‘Geo‘ to be an abbreviation or shortening of Geographical. After all it stands to reason that given we are targeting our marketing based on the geographical location […]

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