8 November 2012
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Why do I think Clickbank Risk Management is Unfair?

Having logged in to one of our Clickbank accounts I was some what surprised to see that Clickbank are introducing a new ‘Clickbank Risk Management’ program to all accounts on Clickbank.

Clickbank Risk Management

On the one hand it does not surprise me at all, having been with Clickbank for over ten years I was always amazed at just how many dodgy products were listed and some of the reported refund rates were as much as 30% to 40%. So how the banks supported Clickbank was a mystery.

Obviously this was finally addressed when they introduced refund thresholds of 15% and that they finally started verifying what was being said on the actual sales page.

Anyways … the purpose of this post is to highlight what really seems to be an unfair approach to affiliates as they are now included within the new Clickbank Risk Management.

Why do I think it’s unfair?

Well its not the affiliate’s fault that the sale was refunded or received a charge back, Clickbank after all accepted the product and welcomed their affiliates to promote it.

Clickbank even gave it a popularity and gravity rating to help you decide which ones to promote! 

Over all I think the Clickbank Risk Management process is a good step forward to tighten up on the quality of the vendors, products and services being offered by Clickbank.

But I do feel it is on the whole unfair for Clickbank’s Risk Management to penalise affiliates given Clickbank accepted the product and listed it for affiliates to promote.

Perhaps a fairer way for affiliates, given they have only relatively recently started verifying the sales pages before accepting them, that they start all affiliates off from scratch when the Clickbank Risk Management is introduced on January 2, 2013..

Terry Johnson

6 responses on “Why do I think Clickbank Risk Management is Unfair?

  1. daveM says:

    The excessively misleading marketing techniques used by many ClickBank vendors have exposed CkickBank and the affiliates to potential for huge legal claims. The recent moves by Clickbank will actually protect affiliates instead of punishing them.
    As the public becomes more and more savvy as to the extent of the ludicrous propositions on Clickbank.. the closer the lawyers are to issuing nasty paperwork. We should be thanking ClickBank for stepping up their requirements.

  2. Karma Singh says:

    Well, perhaps not before time but what about the commissions that Clkick Bank just steals?

    I have a cheque on my desk, some years old now but issued at a time when it was not possible to cash it in Europe. All requests and instructions to pay my commissions to a friend in the USA who would give it to me when we met were simply ignored. Furthern than this, Click Bank changed me a monthy “accounting fee” for holding on to my money until it was all “gone”. In total only about $300.00 so not worth the hassle of suing them but I wonder how many others have had theor money stolen by Click Bank.

    It also explains why you cannot find any of my books, courses, DVDs and CDs on Click Bank.

    Blessed be


  3. Miles Baker says:

    I think it’s fair and will encourage better behavior for both vendors and affiliates. I’m personally both a vendor and an affiliate. As a vendor we recently had a highly refunded affiliate promoting us. This affiliate had a refund rate that was DOUBLE our standard rate and he had the highest refund rate among all our affiliates. This affiliate was driving up our overall refund rate and it was due to his promotional methods. I certainly think this affiliate should be held accountable for his refunds.

    I think ClickBank is making steps in the right direction! I also wrote up an article which explains the entire tier based system if anyone is interested in reading it.



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