27 October 2012
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Do You Think Google Is Confusing? Can Signal Pigeon Help?

If you feel Google SEO is confusing and you really don’t know what Google will do next to test your websites ability to appear within the might Google search engine … you are not alone.

I’m certainly no search engine master and have never pretended to be.

However, top selling author Chris Munch breaks the process down to 6 basic ‘ranking signals’ … if you can understand these you are in with a fighting chance.

In fact that has always been my philosophy, apply basic Google SEO principles, such as correct linking and use of keywords and you will build something which will attract traffic.

And these 6 basic principles are based on what is happening right now, they are not based on what worked 5 years ago.

Chris is the author of top selling SEO course oddly titled the ‘Signal Pigeon‘ … which delivers a 30 Minute Master class with a complete action plan to rank any site in any niche…

Chris is virtually giving this away as a means to help any business gain a stronger foothold as they battle with the might Google.

I can thoroughly recommend Chris’s ‘Signal Pigeon‘ even if you don’t take SEO too seriously, it’s worth learning the basic principles so that the next time you write a blog post the slightest tweak here and there will help to build your sites authority in the eyes of all search engines, not just Google.

You can download ‘Signal Pigeon‘ so that once you understand these 6 basic signals you can you these to leverage your new SEO expertise over at Toxic SEO

Whats included with ‘Signal Pigeon‘?

> There’s a 30 Minute Video Presentation that details each of the 6 Ranking Signals Google uses to rank websites in its New Value Economy, which is vital information for anyone involved with SEO…

> Discover why keywords and backlinks shouldn’t be the main concern anymore, and discover on the sales page how one site generates 5 Figure monthly traffic without ANY link-building whatsoever!

> The Signal Pigeon Ranking Checklist, which acts as both an SEO Reference Guide and SEO Cheat Sheet all at the same time to ensure they are never overwhelmed or stuck as to ‘what to do next’ in your SEO campaigns…

> Signal Pigeon gives Beginner and Advanced Marketers alike a massive competitive advantage in their Ranking Efforts, as even Professional SEOs are losing business by NOT implementing each one of these critical steps to rank their clients’ websites…

> Signal Pigeon is a combination of 7 Years of SEO knowledge, research and application, which Chris uses personally to rank his websites and establish dominance in his target niches… Collectively, these factors are still mostly unknown, and the highest likelihood exists that you are missing out on AT LEAST ONE…

Terry Johnson

2 responses on “Do You Think Google Is Confusing? Can Signal Pigeon Help?

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