27 October 2012
BZ9 Blog
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Do You Think Google Is Confusing? Can Signal Pigeon Help?

If you feel Google SEO is confusing and you really don’t know what Google will do next to test your websites ability to appear within the might Google search engine … you are not alone. I’m certainly no search engine master and have never pretended to be. However, top selling author Chris Munch breaks the […]

26 October 2012
BZ9 Blog
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BZ9 Service & New Features Update Including ‘Lead Impact’

During the week we’ve added more content to the media buying section, including an update on progress with ‘Look Smart’ plus a introduction to a very interesting ad platform known as ‘Lead Impact‘ Secondly we’ve added the simple yet powerful option to now delay the appearance of dropins when using short URLs and also for […]

26 October 2012
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Facebook Statistics

Whilst there are some great photo sharing sites out there such as Pinterest and flickr, which all attract a lot of traffic, Facebook really does make them look rather insignificant when it comes down to the Facebook statistics … the facts. Consider the following and then check the facebook statistics info graphic below for some really daunting facebook statistics, facts and […]

24 October 2012
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Do YOU Want An Email Optin Rate In Excess Of 45%?

Of course you do, every marketer dreams of having an optin rate that high, most don’t even get close to 5%… So here’s your chance to start building large optin lists ready to promote your products and services to… Within the next 48 hours I will be uploading proven marketing videos which are achieving 45% […]

22 October 2012
BZ9 Blog
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Try Toxic SEO … The Most Comprehensive Suite Of SEO Tools & Services You Will Ever Find…

These are fully automated SEO tools and services ANYONE can use, no technical skills required… And when I say ‘try’ I REALLY do mean ‘try’. We are so confident in the range of powerful features we deliver, you can try AND test the system absolutely free of charge. At Toxic SEO we give you a […]

21 October 2012
BZ9 Affiliates
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Average Customer Retention Is 12 months Totalling Over $135 In Commissions

I have updated the video on our affiliate page to demonstrate the great customer retention rate we have for our products. The video shows that we have a very comfortable 12 month customer retention rate, which means that when you refer a client to the VIP Marketing Lounge you can expect to receive commissions on […]

18 October 2012
BZ9 Blog
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Will I Get ‘Quality’ 1c Clicks Using Look Smart? Let’s find out….

Follow My Experiment As I Test The Look Smart Ad Network … Will I Achieve Quality Traffic For 1c, 2c or 5c? Only Time Will Tell… Report#1: … created on the 18th October for the previous 24 hour period. Please login to your BZ9 account to view the daily updates…

15 October 2012
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Laying The Foundations For A Thriving Online Business -Tip #1: Blog Comments

How to use blog comments to market your business online… There are lots of ways to lay solid foundations to ensure the growth of your online business … which don’t involve any cost. Over the coming weeks I will cover many different ways to leverage powerful easy marketing opportunities which all too often get forgotten […]

13 October 2012
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Media Buying – InfoLinks Delivers 2c Per Click

Media Buying – how to create a never ending stream of visitors at 2c Per Click… And watch this space as within the next 2 weeks I aim to let you in on a secret … I am now testing the actual ad platform InfoLinks uses … InfoLinks is not at the top of the […]

11 October 2012
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Easily Create Unique, Powerful ‘Link Jacker’ Links ‘On The Fly’ Containing YOUR CPA, Affiliate Offers And List Building Tools.

We have now added a very powerful and easy to use feature called Link Jacker ‘dynamic links’. Easily create unique, powerful ‘Link Jacker’ links ‘on the fly’ containing your CPA, affiliate offers and list building tools. Please check the video for full details, further tutorial videos are available once you login to your account… You […]

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